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Do the right people know about your working environment? For most companies, the answer is ‘umm, no’.

Instead of keeping it quiet, Flexa puts you in front of hundreds of thousands of people looking for a flexible workplace. We have a broader and more diverse audience than most businesses could dream of.

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People care about how they work, not just what they do. They filter out potential employers based on how flexible (or inflexible) their setups are. And Flexa is where they're finding that information.

Over 800 million people globally say that flexible working is essential in their next role. Yet it’s almost impossible to find out which companies offer flexible working, and it’s even more difficult to find out what “flexible working” means… Until Flexa 

Use Flexa to get discovered specifically for your working environment.

By working with Flexa, you’ll be leading with the information that most candidates only find out at interview stage. This instantly increases your chances of people applying to your company and accepting an offer, regardless of where they came from. 

Tens of thousands of people are searching for companies like yours on Flexa every week.

Because the most inclusive work environments are flexible. Being a Flexa accredited company will enable you to appeal to a more diverse audience. Making a meaningful impact on DEI has never been easier with Flexa.

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Every company on Flexa goes through our two-stage benchmarking process, and whilst this might sound laborious… It’ll only take you a total of about 30 minutes from start to finish 🙌
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    The fun bit! Our interactive quiz takes just 3 minutes and benchmarks you against our flexibility index. You’ll then receive *free* tailored insights.

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    Get your employees involved

    If you pass the first stage, we’ll give you a multiple-choice survey link (all anonymous GDPR compliant, of course) to send to your employees. We’ll check that your employees think your working environment is truly flexible, and then send you your tailored insights (round 2).

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    Create your company page

    If you pass the first stage (🤞) then you’re onboarded onto Flexa! We’ll make you a company page, integrate with your ATS, and then you’ll add the finishing touches about your working environment, culture, and purpose.

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