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The best way to tell whether a company truly offers a flexible working environment (without actually working there)

Flexibility is more than just a box-ticking exercise

There are lots of companies out there that say they offer flexible working but, as a candidate, it’s hard to understand what that really means. Thankfully, we’re here to independently verify every company that claims they offer flexibility.

Flexification is more than just a “yes-no” answer; we ensure that every company meets a minimum threshold of flexibility and provide details around their approach to flexible working.

We’re here to provide all of the details that candidates worry about asking in an interview.

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How we verify companies


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    Flexible companies apply

    Work from home Fridays? Flexible hours? Only Monday and Tuesday in the office? At a minimum, we expect the ability to work from home regularly (as a rule, not an exception) and/or flexible hours. If a company meets this threshold, we want to hear from them!

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    Let us investigate

    We always do preliminary due diligence on every company. If there are no red flags, then we’ll organise a call. We are proud to say that we have genuinely turned companies away at this point, having found out that they don’t foster a true culture of flexibility.

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    We have a chat

    We love talking to companies that are embracing a flexible working environment. By talking to every company that we verify, we get a great sense of the culture of each workplace. We delve into the detail of what flexibility means to each company, as well as finding out about other benefits and life there.

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    We have one more chat

    We want to verify that the company is truly flexible with someone that has no vested interest in hiring. So, wherever possible, we chat to another member of the company about what it’s like to work there.

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    Being verified by us comes with a stamp of approval (literally) that can be used on company websites and marketing materials. We also feature our partner companies prominently on our site, in our campaigns, and on our social media channels. Most importantly of all, being Flexified means that we can drive quality candidates to the roles that you post with us.

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