Workplace flexibility is your most powerful attraction tool

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Flexa enables you to lead with the information that most people only discover at interview stage, so that you can appeal to hundreds of thousands of Flexa users, boost your employer brand and get discovered for your brilliant working environment.

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Trusted by some of the most flexible companies in the world

Candidates are 257% more likely to apply to a company through Flexa versus LinkedIn

Boost employer brand

By showcasing what candidates genuinely care about – working environment – you immediately become a more desirable place to work.

Attract top talent

With 600,000 users on Flexa, and 40,000 new users every single month, it’s easy to appeal to the best talent that is searching for exactly the type of working environment that you offer.

Improve DEI

The most inclusive working environments are flexible. Being verified by Flexa means that you appeal to a more diverse audience, and therefore make a meaningful impact on DEI in your hiring processes.

Reduce time & cost to hire

Building a robust talent pipeline is difficult, but with Flexa it’s easy. Users can save companies that they love, and come back to you when your’e hiring for their role.

Getting started on Flexa is super simple

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    Take the quiz

    By taking our easy-to-use Flexa quiz we can determine how flexible you are as a company (it only takes 2 mins)

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    Get your employees involved

    We ask your employees a few brief survey questions so that we can paint a genuine picture of life & flexible working at your company

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    Create your company page

    Use your company page to reflect your working environment, culture, and purpose. Then we hook up your ATS to drive quality traffic to your roles and give you an individualised dashboard so you can get live, on-demand insights in to how much visibility your company is getting on Flexa

We use hundreds of thousands of data points to benchmark your company against the competition. Here’s what we consider 👉

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Where work takes place is becoming a key focus for candidates globally

We consider multiple different approaches to location, weighing them against our index of user demands


Flexible hours aren’t just desired by working parents, but 60% of all candidates!

We benchmark your hours against our flexibility index, enabling you to see your strengths and weaknesses.


Flexible working is about so much more than location and hours, though.

Our quiz scores your benefits against employee desires to show you whether you’re offering above or below the market average, and giving you suggestions on where you could improve.

Key cultural indicators

Truly flexible working environments have a culture of empowering employees to work in a way that works for them.

We include two of the most important cultural indicators of a flexible working environment in our benchmarking, enabling you to understand if the foundations of flexibility are there.

A wealth of workplace insights are waiting for you

After you take our quick quiz, receive your tailored insights and start using your working environment as the ultimate employer brand tool. Simple!

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    You’ll receive an email from the Flexa team with your tailored workplace insights. We identify your strengths and opportunities when it comes to flexible working, so you know what to publicise, and where to optimise.

    All insights are personal to you, and completely free!

  • Make employer branding easy

    The team will tell you more about how to utilise your working environment as your most powerful talent attraction tool via email, and if you like you can book a follow-up call in to learn more about what we do. No obligation, of course.

    Or, if you'd like to go straight to this step, you can book a call here too.

The most flexible companies love Flexa

Flexa’s brilliant platform gives us the opportunity to showcase our employer brand. We get to share our culture in a way job boards and talent marketplaces simply don’t allow.

Jenna Green, Head of Talent @ Paddle

It’s amazing for us to partner with a company such as Flexa who can help strengthen our proposition as a flexible employer by giving it some formal recognition and real credibility! 💪

Jack Ludlam, Talent Brand & Marketing Manager @ Canda

Flexa is a platform we highly rate! Flexa has sent us fantastic quality traffic to our roles and we love showcasing our working environment through them too.

Laura Greenhill, Talent Ops @ Hurree

The Flexification process was straightforward and quick – it’s low-hanging fruit for any company looking to enhance their brand and get fast, actionable insights on how they stack up against competitors.

Thomas Forstner, People & Talent Lead @ Juro

We have such positive feedback in regards to Flexa. We already improved our ways of working accordingly to become even more flexible!

Dr. Anna Gründler, Head of Operations @ Deepset AI

I’m really impressed with the site. It was a really slick process to view roles and apply and I will definitely be recommending.

Debbie, a happy candidate

I love this company. Comparing the offerings between Flexa’s listings and those on Reed or Indeed is eye opening.

Robert, a happy candidate

I really appreciate the information that Flexa provides on companies, it’s a game changer for me to have that openly available.

Rachel, a happy candidate

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the part you had to play in me receiving a truly flexible role at INSHUR.

Princess, a happy candidate

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