Get your flexible company discovered by top diverse talent

Flexa is the only place where companies are discovered for the thing that candidates care about most: true, verified flexibility.

To get started, generate insights on how flexible your company really is with our free 2-minute quiz. Or book a demo to understand how the Flexa platform can supercharge your employer brand and transform your hiring.

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If you aren’t shouting about your flexible working environment, you’re missing out on a huge talent attraction opportunity.

Over 2 million users trust Flexa to verify that workplaces are as flexible as they say they are. And they’re using our platform to help them discover their dream company – whether they’re currently hiring or not.

Being on Flexa allows you to:

Build a powerful employer brand

Turn your flexible working environment into your most powerful employer brand tool.

With Flexa, you’ll get a customisable profile and countless recruitment marketing opportunities – meaning you can showcase your workplace culture to millions in a way that job boards and talent marketplaces simply don’t allow.

Make a meaningful impact on DEI

Flexible working is more inclusive working. And being on Flexa means you’re showcasing your working environment to a user base that’s 2.5x more diverse than the global tech average.

That’s why Flexified companies have seen as much as a 65% increase in talent pipeline diversity after going live on Flexa.

Access aligned talent

Our users are basing their job search not only around what they’ll do in a new role, but around how they’ll work at a new company.

So you’re not just finding the right talent who’ll thrive in your working environment: you’re keeping them, too.

Get recognised as future of work pioneers

Companies with the Flexa seal are 4x more attractive to prospective candidates.

Our Flexification process is the only certification available to show that you are true pioneers in the future of work. Plus, every Flexified company is eligible to win big at our two annual awards events – meaning even more recognition for your game-changing hard work.

We’re trusted by some of the most flexible companies in the world.

Flexa Features

Our flexibility filters automatically sync to your ways of working.

Our users conduct over 100,000 searches every single month.

Your Flexa company profile appears whenever somebody uses search filters that match your ways of working – whether that means remote-first, flexible hours, WFA schemes or so much more.

So you’ll only get discovered by the people who are a perfect match for your flexible workplace.

The Flexification process takes just 30 minutes from start to finish.

First, our 2-minute quiz establishes what kind of working environment you offer – from where, when and how you work, to the benefits you offer your employees.

We then survey a statistically significant portion of your employees, allowing us to independently verify your quiz answers.

Once this process is complete, you’re ready to get your profile live and start reaping the rewards.

Get your company recognised by over 2m people who care about flexibility.

Are you ready to start your journey to Flexification?

Take our flexibility benchmarking quiz to get the ball rolling, or book a demo today.