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We were job hunters too, frustrated with the lack of clarity over whether a job would offer flexibility or not. We created Flexa to help people find truly flexible work, and help forward-thinking companies to stand out from the crowd.

It all started in 2019

Flexa is founded by Molly and Maurice. They discovered a severe lack of flexible jobs after Molly was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which led to her needing more flexibility whilst she works.

The autoimmune disease can sometimes make it impossible for her to physically go to an office (think swollen joints, itchy feet and other symptoms that no one wants to bring to work).

The capacity to work from home occasionally means that this isn’t a problem – in fact we think she works harder than anybody else. However, when she worked in investment banking, Molly asked for a bit of flexibility in her role an her employers fired her. Searching for a job that offered Molly the flexibility she needed, Molly and Maurice realised that there was absolutely nowhere to search for jobs that guaranteed flexibility.

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