Our mission is simple: bring flexible working to everyone

Flexibility is the most in-demand employee benefit

Our quality of life has decreased drastically because of how we are working. Longer commutes, less sleep, higher rates of illness and poor mental health… we’re struggling.

Traditional, office-only, fixed hours gigs don’t work for everyone. In fact, they don’t work for most people. Thankfully, an increasing number of employers are shifting to more flexible ways of working, and we’re here to help them to communicate that to job seekers.

of new employees identify no flexible working as a dealbreaker

Flexible companies aren’t shouting about it, leaving candidates in the dark

Despite the growing clamour for flexible work, the reality of finding a role with transparency around flexibility is grim. Endless hunting around job boards and fruitless coffees with recruiters have become the norm. We are changing that.

of job descriptions do not mention flexibility

We are
setting the standard
for flexible workplaces

Quality candidates. Quality companies. Transparent process.

Every company has been through a five stage verification process to appear on Flexa, and every single job you see on this site offers flexibility, either in location, hours or both. You can trust that out partners are truly flexible.


We were frustrated job hunters too.
Here’s our story.

We think that our unhealthy relationship with our jobs is impacting our quality of life.

Commutes are longer (and angrier), sleep is shorter, and our physical and mental health is taking a back seat. We don’t think that this is sustainable (nor enjoyable), and here at Flexa we think that the solution lies in giving eveyone some flexibility in their jobs.

One of our founders, Molly, is one of the biggest fans of flexible working that you’ll ever meet.

Molly suffers from a pretty severe autoimmune disease, which can sometimes make it impossible for her to physically go to an office (think swollen joints, itchy feet and other symptoms that no one wants to bring to work). The capacity to work from home occasionally means that this isn’t a problem – in fact, we think that she works harder than anybody else. However, when she worked in investment banking, Molly asked for a bit of flexibility in her role and her employers fired her.

Searching for a job that offered Molly the flexibility she needed, Molly and Maurice (another one of our co-founders) realised that there was absolutely nowhere to search for jobs that guaranteed flexibility. “Ridiculous!”, they exclaimed, given that an increasing number of companies are embracing a flexible working environment. This is where the idea for Flexa was born. We want to make sure that the days of “working from home is shirking from home” are behind us.

We want to change the way we work to improve happiness, productivity and job satisfaction of every employee by helping them to find work that works for them.

We want parents and carers to be able to stop feeling like they’re being pulled in every direction; for night owls to flourish on hours that they decide; for people with disabilities to be able to do conventional jobs; and for people with pets to stop watching them on their Furbo and go and have a cuddle on the sofa. We want to change the way we work to improve happiness, productivity and job satisfaction of every employee by helping them to find work that works for them.

Work with us

Flexa is headquartered in East London but, not surprisingly, we live by the flexible working mantra, with our staff splitting time between our office, their own homes and anywhere else. We’re currently a small (but growing!) team who are dedicated to making work better for everyone.

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