Our mission is simple: Bring flexible working to everyone

It isn't as simple as asking every company to tick a box; we understand that flexibility means something different to everyone. We're here to provide some clarity to help everyone find work that works for them.

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Take our flexibility quiz to find out whether you meet the criteria for flexification. We have benchmarked dozens of companies to create a quiz that tells you how you score versus the market. If you pass, we’ll invite you to the next stage!

Flexibility is the most in-demand employee benefit

  • The work-life balance is off

    Longer commutes, less sleep, higher rates of illness and poor mental health... we're struggling. Traditional, office-only, fixed-hours gigs don't work for everyone. In fact they don't work for most people. Thankfully, an increasing number of employers are shifting to more flexible ways of working, and we're here to help them to communicate that to job seekers.

  • Candidates are in the dark

    Flexible companies aren't shouting about it. Despite the growing clamour for flexible work, the reality of finding a role with transparency around flexibility is grim. Endless hunting around job boards and fruitless coffees with recruiters have become the norm. We are changing that.

We have benchmarked dozens of companies to provide an understanding of how flexible different companies are. Take the quiz to find out how you stack up:

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Flexa is a remote-first business, with our staff spread across the UK. We're currently a small (but growing!) team who are dedicated to making work better for everyone.

We advertise our open roles exclusively on Flexa. If you're interested in helping us to grow, then please contact us!

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