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We only work with truly flexible companies

Whether it's remote working, flexitime or dog-friendly offices, flexibility means different things to different people. That’s why we verify every company and the flexibility for each job.

Flexible working is on the rise

You’ll have your own reasons for wanting flexibility, but let’s take a look at a few scenarios.


Being a working parent is a tough juggling act. You'd like to be supported by your employer to make the right decisions to balance home and work life.

Find a company that will support both you and your family.

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Fenton is a dog and a general good boy. You’d like to bring him to work so that he can spread the joy whilst you both work.

Find a dog-loving company that welcomes you both with open arms and biscuits.

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Having an illness or a condition shouldn't prevent you from having a successful career, as our co-founder, Molly, strongly believes.

Find a company that will hire you for what you can achieve, not how long you can spend in an office.

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Countless studies have shown that flexible workers are more productive workers. Whether you're a night owl, or an early riser, flexibility can help you to thrive.

Find a company that focuses on output rather than facetime.

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Life happens

Life has a way of disrupting even our perfectly laid out plans. We work with companies that treat you as a human being, not just a number on a payroll.

Find a company that understands that work and life are not mutually exclusive.

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We’re here to change the way we work

You’ll have your own reasons for wanting flexibility when it comes to working. We have ours too.

Molly’s story

One of our founders, Molly suffers from a pretty severe autoimmune disease. It can sometimes make it impossible for her to physically go to an office (think swollen joints, itchy feet and other symptoms that no one wants to bring to work). The capacity to work from home occasionally means that this isn’t a problem – in fact, we think that she works harder than anybody else.

Bringing flexible working to everyone

Until now, it’s been impossible to find out which companies offer flexibility. At worst, you start a job not knowing whether your preferred way of working will be encouraged, or even accepted. At best, the job description mentions flexibility at the very bottom, but doesn’t explain what kind of flexibility they mean.

We started Flexa because of the lack of transparency around company culture, so our aim is to provide everyone with the information they need to find truly flexible careers.

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