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Flexa is the only place to find companies that genuinely offer a flexible work environment. We verify each and every company, helping people to find truly flexible jobs.

We only work with truly flexible companies

Plenty of companies claim they operate a flexible working environment, but not many actually do.

Flexibility is the most in-demand employee benefit, yet, before Flexa, there was nowhere to find out which companies genuinely offer regular working from home, or flexible hours. We only work with truly flexible companies, verifying each and every one of them through a five-stage process that employers see as a coveted seal of approval, and that candidates can trust.

We think that everyone deserves a life, as well as a career

Finding a job is a tough process, and finding a flexible job is even tougher. We completely understand the demand to work from home regularly, and work flexible hours (who doesn’t want to spend less time commuting?), which is why we advertise open roles at our verified companies.

Our candidates can trust that every job is flexible, as our verification process means that we really get under the skin of each company’s culture and working environment.

Registering and applying for those jobs is quick & easy, leaving candidates more time to do the things that they enjoy.

There’s more to flexibility than just “yes/no”

We understand that flexibility means very different things to different people. That’s why we provide as much detail as possible around the flexibility available for each job that we advertise.

There are a number of filters available on the site, including working from home frequently, flexible hours, and whether the office is dog friendly. We also provide details about other benefits and working patterns when they are available.

Work from home options
Flexible hours
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We’re here to change the way we work for the better

One of our founders, Molly, is one of the biggest fans of flexible working that you’ll ever meet. She has an autoimmune disease that means she has to work from home sometimes.

We hope that you didn’t need convincing of the fact that we are genuine about verifying companies and jobs as flexible, but in case you did, now you know that we have a vested interest in bringing flexible working to everyone.

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