How TPP sped up their hiring and hit record DEI targets

"Flexa is critical to our TA and retention strategy which in the current climate and candidate short market, is critical to our business growth plan"


diversity disclosure increase


search appearances on Flexa

"We see a real benefit from promoting our partnership with Flexa in our job descriptions and adverts, in our newsletters, on our website and on all our social channels."

Get noticed by more than a million people who put flexible working at the core of their job search.

Want to learn how to build your Employer Brand, grow your talent pipeline, truly focus on your DEI initiatives and get recognised for the things candidates care about most?

TPP are pioneering the flexible working movement.

TPP's inclusive and diverse working environment gets its moment to shine on Flexa.

TPP take pride in their genuinely happy and successful team, and sharing this through Flexa. The Flexification process which gathers honest and anonymised feedback from employees allows TPP to monitor and improve their most important metrics.

Once we discovered Flexa, it was an easy decision to join. Being verified by Flexa as a truly flexible employer, and not just one that claims to be, means we get to enjoy the benefits of Flexa’s unstoppable movement for more flexibility in the workplace and the talent acquisition and retention benefits that come with it!

Already working for a truly flexible company?

Then the world needs to know

Help your company find the best talent, boost employer brand and improve DEI. Get Flexified and start reaping the rewards!

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