How Flexa helped Hydrogen reach more valuable talent

Using Flexa's platform to shout about flexibility and values has brought higher quality inbound applications to Hydrogen


hiring pipeline are women


search appearances on Flexa

"Our Flexa verification allows us to develop stronger, long-term relationships and  differentiates us within our industry."

Get noticed by more than a million people who put flexible working at the core of their job search.

Want to learn how to build your Employer Brand, grow your talent pipeline, truly focus on your DEI initiatives and get recognised for the things candidates care about most?

Hydrogen are pioneering the flexible working movement.

Hydrogen has been a flexible business since 2019, but with Flexa they now have the opportunity to use this flexibility as their biggest talent attraction tool.

Hydrogen has opened up conversations with candidates and customers about flexibility and what’s important to them. And with Flexa's help have reached a wider audience of like minded candidates to show off their flexibility and why it’s so important.

"There’s a clear ROI already from being on the Flexa platform and we’re getting more direct traffic and applications than we’ve ever had before. ”.

Already working for a truly flexible company?

Then the world needs to know

Help your company find the best talent, boost employer brand and improve DEI. Get Flexified and start reaping the rewards!

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