How Amplifi increased diversity in their applicant pool by 65%

Shouting about your flexible working environment gets you noticed by millions of diverse candidates.


search appearances on Flexa


increase in diverse talent


aligned candidates in the pipeline

"We joined Flexa to support the flexibility movement and champion our flexible working environment."

"Being recognised in the Flexa 100 has meant that candidates now come directly to us, rather than us needing to find them"

Get noticed by millions of people who put flexible working at the core of their job search.

Want to learn how to build your Employer Brand, grow your talent pipeline, truly focus on your DEI initiatives and get recognised for the things candidates care about most?

Amplifi are pioneering the flexible working movement.

Amplifi have always been flexible, but they'd never really shouted about it. By joining Flexa they've done just that and built an employer brand centred around flexibility

From relying on agencies and LinkedIn ads to building a hiring funnel centred around values and flexibility, Amplifi are able to shout about the things that matter most to them, and to their team.

Our 95% FlexScore means that we are being discovered because of our flexibility which has reduced hiring costs through agencies and made it easier to hire diverse candidates.

Already working for a truly flexible company?

Then the world needs to know

Help your company find the best talent, boost employer brand and improve DEI. Get Flexified and start reaping the rewards!

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