How Flipdish stopped spending six figures on hiring in just 6 months

And built a reliable and diverse talent pipeline at the same time.

Hint: it was all on Flexa


Flexa profile views


spend on agency hires since using Flexa


search appearances on Flexa

"People are watching what we’re doing because our brand is so much stronger now - because of Flexa."

Get noticed by more than a million people who put flexible working at the core of their job search.

Want to learn how to build your Employer Brand, grow your talent pipeline, truly focus on your DEI initiatives and get recognised for the things candidates care about most?

Flipdish are pioneering the flexible working movement.

Everyone at Flipdish has the opportunity to be remote first, with flexible hours and also has access to offices as and when they like. 

Flipdish understands that flexibility needs to suit both the individual and the company, and knows that being transparent about their working environment brings in more aligned talent right from the very beginning.

"We joined Flexa because we are proud of the flexibility and culture we created at Flipdish and ultimately had nowhere to shout about it, then along came Flexa!”.

Already working for a truly flexible company?

Then the world needs to know

Help your company find the best talent, boost employer brand and improve DEI. Get Flexified and start reaping the rewards!

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