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What are Returnships?

A Returnship is a well-paid internship for professional women returning to work who want to resume their careers at the mid to senior level. It’s a structured, supported pathway where people returning to work are given mentoring and training to rebuild their professional confidence, up-skill, re-establish networks, and get updated with changes. These programs are designed to be flexible and supportive, allowing individuals to ease back into the workforce at their own pace.

For employers, Returnships can help to diversify their workforce, tap into a pool of experienced talent, and address skills shortages. For individuals, Returnships can help to bridge the gap in their resume, provide them with new experiences and skills, and help them to rebuild their confidence and professional networks.

Returnships are becoming more common, particularly in industries historically struggling to attract and retain a diverse workforce. They can be a valuable tool for promoting workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion and supporting individuals who have taken time off from their careers.

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