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Boxxe makes technology human, which means we enable people, systems and technology to function efficiently and effectively.

Boxxe exists to enable organisations to be the best they can be through the use of technology and by giving every person, wherever they are in the world, the confidence to use that technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of their working lives.

About us

We increase margins, improve customer service and reduce operating costs. The result is an effective, engaged workforce and better operational performance throughout your organisation. 

Our digital transformation services deliver value, structure and clarity to global corporations, UK businesses and public sector organisations. Our six service hubs, driven by strategic consultancy, unleash extraordinary change. We create flexible IT infrastructures, collaborative global workspaces and data clarity, all underpinned by world-leading security. 

Above all, we are driven by our values. We care for our clients, our people and the environment that sustains us all. We put sustainability at the core of what we do and by making technology human, we lead our industry and we’ll help you lead yours: that’s the power of boxxe.

Flexible working approach

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Benchmarking score

Scoring against our flexibility index (1 = not at all flexible, 100 = couldn’t be more flexible, 51 is average) using a number of parameters to assess flexibility such as working from home, hours, frequency of travel, benefits, etc.


Employee benchmarking score

Scoring against our employee perception index (1 = not seen as flexible, 100 = couldn’t be happier with the flexibility, 51 is average) using a number of more emotional / perception based questions to understand whether employees feel supported and offered what they want. The areas we cover are work-life balance / managerial support / flexible benefits / working environment / and many others.


"I actually find the company fantastic to work for. They are fully supportive of everything and provide quality updates on any changes to the workplace on a regular basis."

Anonymous boxxe Employee

Company employees
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What do we think of Boxxe?

For a company with a large pool of employees, we did an extensive anonymous employee survey and wow, what a response! The overwhelming positive feedback just kept coming! Clearly Boxxe are thoughtful pracititioners in enabling their employees with an array of flexible policies to ensure they are very happy with the way in which they operate. It's a real achievement to fulful this level of positive sentiment in a company of this size. Any candidates looking for fast growing tech company which puts their employees first should definitely consider Boxxe.

Meet who might be hiring you

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What they offer their employees

  • We're open to part-time employees

  • Enhanced parental leave

  • Work from anywhere schemes

  • Unlimited sick leave

Current vacancies at Boxxe

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