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How we help companies

Flexible working improves productivity, employee happiness & retention | Flexibility attracts the best talent | We only work with truly flexible companies

Realise the potential of your workforce

Companies that give back to their employees enjoy higher quality candidates, better retention, a happier culture, and more productive employees. Other companies will be left behind.

Improve productivity

Many studies have shown that creating a flexible working environment can increase employee productivity by up to 13%.

Win the war for talent

Offering a flexible working environment makes your company more appealing to candidates, helping you to recruit exceptional people. 36% of employees identify no flexible working as a deal breaker when considering a new job.

Increase engagement

Flexible workers are happier workers. Studies have shown that, other than salary, flexible working is the most important factor contributing to the workplace happiness of UK employees.

Retain great people

No one wants to lose their great employees. Offering a flexible working environment has been shown to improve retention by up to 50%.

Save cost

We all know that hiring new employees is an extremely costly process. Offering a flexible working environment has been shown to cut costs by up to 13%.

How it works

Seamlessly introducing you to the best candidates

We’ve made finding great talent really simple. Plus: we’re only a phone call or email away.

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    Tell us about your company

    Work from home Fridays? Flexible hours? Only Monday and Tuesday in the office? Whatever your flexibility, or even if you’re just considering the shift to flex, we want to hear from you.

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    Let us do the hard work

    Don’t worry about having to upload JDs, fill out tons of boxes about your company, or even go through a long registration process. We’ll do all of this for you.

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    Browse exceptional talent

    Our candidates will give back so much more to the companies that reward them with trust and freedom. If you want to hire the best talent and foster an excellent culture, you’re in the right place.

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    Receive quality applications

    No more wasted hours interviewing unsuitable candidates - every application includes their flex requirements. In addition, all profiles can be anonymised to improve D&I in hiring.

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    Save time and money

    Our process is based around simplicity to reduce time wasted in hiring and the need for multiple job platforms. However, it’s not just the process that is cheaper - flexible working arrangements have huge cost saving benefits.

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The power of partnerships

We’ve talked about the benefits of flexible hiring and our process, but we think that the benefits of working together reach even further than this.

As a consumer-facing business, we understand that you have a company brand to uphold, and a reputation to tirelessly work on. That’s not easy, especially in today’s social-media driven world where information travels faster than you can say “flexible working revolution”, but we’re here to help.

We have worked hard to make a job platform that isn’t purely product based, unlike our competitors. You know better than we do that the best consumer-facing businesses sell more than just a product – they purport a lifestyle that the consumer wants to achieve.

Well, we think that job platforms are consumer-facing businesses too; and we show consumers that they can find a better work-life balance, take back control of their lives, and work with an employer that trusts them and wants to foster an excellent working relationship.

Our brand can help your brand (and vice versa, of course). By posting your roles on a platform that cares about its consumers and strives to improve the work-life balance of millions of employees, your employer brand becomes even more powerful, as your actions match your words. As a result, we have seen that companies can hire better talent, and, crucially, hold on to them.

If you’d like to find out more, feature on our blog, partner with us, or tell us that you totally disagree with our consumer-centricity, then please do get in touch!