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When candidates search for flexible working, will they find you?

Flexification is the only accreditation for flexibility, letting candidates know that you are a truly flexible employer.

With only 40% of companies set to offer truly flexible working post-pandemic, there’s never been a more crucial time to stand out from the crowd.

Companies and candidates love Flexa

We hired through Flexa in 5 days, which is amazing as we’d had the role live on LinkedIn for 3 weeks

Ally Fekaiki, founder at Juno

Flexa work hard to ensure that their jobs are truly flexible. I’m pleased to say that I found my current role with Bloom Ltd via Flexa

Sian Melonie, Account Manager at Bloom

I’d recommend Flexa to anyone who is trying to improve their hiring processes to create a more inclusive working environment

Sam Mulally, People Partner at Goodlord

I think your platform is so unique and has been needed for such a long time. You are making a change in this world!

A happy candidate

No recruiters. Just a team that know how to help companies hire efficiently and effectively in a new hiring landscape.

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What we offer

  • Flexification

    Are you using your flexible working environment as an employee benefit, but not a talent acquisition tool?

    Flexification enables companies that have worked hard to build a brilliant workplace culture to showcase it to the millions of candidates looking for flexibility.

    Flexified companies hire talent quickly and easily, boost their employer brand, and improve D&L.

  • Job posting

    Are you still relying on traditional platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed to help you to hire?

    Well, did you know that 71% of candidates are more likely to apply for a role that directly mentions flexibility? Yet, traditional platforms are not set up for candidates to find those roles easily.

    Companies don’t get lost in the noise with Flexa, because only flexible companies are featured.

  • Transformation

    Do you want to create a flexible working environment, but don’t know where to start?

    Or perhaps you don’t have the budget to hire consultants and lawyers to run an organisational transformation project.

    Flexa’s transformation platform has everything that you need to create a truly flexible working environment; from template policies through to how-to-guides.

Harness the power of data

🤔 Wondering how to measure your pipeline for diversity?

😔 Concerned that your job descriptions might be doing the role a disservice?

🤓 Use Flexa to gain insights into the areas that impact your hiring quality, efficiently, and diversity.

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