We drive the growth of small businesses


What do we actually do day-in day-out here at SAPI? We build, tailor and fund custom financing products. We offer an all-encompassing API for all business credit products.

3–4 days/week at home

Core hours 11–4

We need to ask employees of SAPI how satisfied they are with flexible working before we verify the company FlexScore® and compile employee satisfaction ratings

Based on 15 employee responses

The FlexScore® is the result of a rigorous 2-step verification of a company’s flexibility

First we assess the flexibility options SAPI provides and then we anonymously survey a statistically significant proportion of their employees to make sure SAPI is as flexible as they say they are. Our assessment is based on the six key elements of flexibility: location, hours, autonomy, benefits, role modelling and work-life balance.

We ask the hard questions so you don’t have to.

Benefits spotlight

30 days annual leave + bank holidays
Enhanced maternity leave
Enhanced paternity leave
Work from anywhere scheme
Equity packages
Dog friendly office
Compassionate leave
Annual pay rises
Personal development budgets
Skilled worker visas
Company wide holidays/offsites
What's great about SAPI
Mission and vision
  • Tech for good

    Tech for good

  • Social impact-led

    Social impact-led

  • Disruptor


  • Autonomous


  • Dynamic


  • Entrepreneurial


Our company environment
  • Career progression led

    Career progression led

    Outstanding work and contribution is mainly recognised by career progression and promotions at SAPI
  • Gender diverse

    Gender diverse

    SAPI demonstrates their gender diversity, equity and inclusion through having a leadership team, founder team and/or overall workforce which represents the gender split of the population.
  • Ethnically diverse

    Ethnically diverse

    SAPI demonstrates their ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion through having a leadership team, a founder team and/or an overall workforce that represents the ethnic distribution of the population.
  • Regularly benchmarked and readjusted salary

    Regularly benchmarked and readjusted salary

    SAPI regularly benchmark and readjust their salaries against the market so you know you’re always getting a fair wage

Employee reviews

SAPI's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

What I love the most about the company is its mission, the hard work the founders are pouring into it, and the work environment comes last.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working at SAPI. My colleagues come from different backgrounds and cultures. I've learned a lot from a professional perspective, but also had the chance to get to know people I would've otherwise never met!

Great work environment, diverse team, flexible hours, mostly remote work

Working at SAPI

Company employees

22 FTE

Gender diversity (male:female)

60% M, 40% W

Office locations


Funding levels

Latest equity round 7.5M

Hiring Countries

United Kingdom

Awards & Achievements

Emerging companies

Emerging companies

Flexa100 2024
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Nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year


About us

An embedded lending solution for our platform partners. SAPI builds, tailors, funds and manages custom loan programmes for platforms, enabling them to offer fast and attractive business financing for their merchants.

Our mission is to drive the growth of small businesses worldwide

We aim to empower them with financial solutions tailored to their unique needs. We believe in fostering a thriving ecosystem where small business owners can flourish, contribute to economic development, and achieve their fullest potential.

Flexible working at SAPI

SAPI prioritizes autonomy and flexibility through our hybrid and flexible work policy, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

🏢 One day per week in the office

As a lean and agile business, we take pride in relying on effective collaboration. While we value the flexibility of working from home, we strongly believe in the benefits of weekly in-person meetings for enhanced collaboration and relationship building. We expect everyone to attend the office one day a week. If you prefer more office time, feel free to come in as often as you like – our doors are always open!

⏰ Flexible hours

Recognizing the evolving nature of a typical workday, we acknowledge individual preferences for peak productivity. We encourage flexibility, allowing employees to work when they perform best, while ensuring connectivity and availability during core hours (11 am - 4 pm in the UK). For colleagues in different time zones, we support asynchronous collaboration, emphasizing mutual understanding of time differences.

🌴 Fully remote work allowance

Whether fueled by a passion for travel, the longing for connections abroad, or the practicality of managing home projects, here at SAPI we're keen for you to benefit from working remotely. We also understand the importance of personal space and the need for rejuvenation. That's why we grant full freedom for remote work for up to 6 weeks annually. Simply inform your manager in advance, ensuring clear communication about your remote work plans.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

At SAPI, we are steadfast believers in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace is not just a policy; it is an integral part of our daily ethos.

Our team is a tapestry of nationalities. Emphasizing gender equality, more than a third of our company comprises talented women, and over half our team represents various ethnic backgrounds. Our leadership team, which consists of five dedicated members, is reflective of our commitment to diversity. It boasts two dynamic female leaders – our CEO and Head of People hailing from Vietnam and Romania, while our CCO and CTO bring their expertise from Belgium and Poland, respectively.

Every day, we honour equity and diversity and inclusion, and actively seek out varied viewpoints, recognizing that this approach is fundamental to our continual growth and evolution.

What do we think of SAPI?

It's been wonderful getting to know Sapi in the onboarding process. They are a team that values diversity and inclusion and want their team to benefit from working remotely and effectively.

Meet who might be hiring you

Here at SAPI, our People and Talent team are doing their very best to hire the nicest and smartest people. Once they join us, we make sure they can thrive. Our values are Ambition, Integrity, Empathy and Grit. We firmly believe these values help us show up every day to drive the growth of small businesses. If you're reading this and you feel you are fully aligned with us, please do get in touch with us to join us!

Awards & Achievements

Emerging companies

Emerging companies

Flexa100 2024
External award Icon

Nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year

Behind the scenes at SAPI

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