We believe that a flexible workplace is a more inclusive, happier, and more productive workplace

We were job hunters too, frustrated with the lack of clarity over whether a job would offer flexibility or not. We created Flexa to help people to find truly flexible work, and to help forward-thinking companies to stand out from the crowd.

Our story

Flexa was founded by Molly, Maurice and Tim. They discovered a severe lack of flexible jobs after Molly was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which led to her needing more flexibility whilst she works.

Molly's illness can sometimes make it impossible for her to physically go to an office (think swollen joints, itchy feet and other symptoms that no one wants to bring to work).

The capacity to work from home occasionally means that this isn't a problem - in fact, we think that she works harder than anybody else. However, when she worked in investment banking, Molly asked for a bit of flexibility in her role and her employers fired her. Searching for a job that offered Molly the flexibility she needed, Molly and Maurice realised that there was absolutely nowhere to search for jobs that guaranteed flexibility.

Ridiculous! they exclaimed, given that an increasing number of companies are embracing a flexible working environment. This is where the idea for Flexa was born. We want to make sure that the days of "working from home is shirking from home" are behind us.

We're here to change the way you work

You'll have your own reasons for wanting flexibility when it comes to working. We have ours too.

Molly Johnson-Jones

Molly is one of Flexa's Co-Founders, she oversees the product and B2B side of the business. You'll often find her chewing the ear off of someone about the importance of flexibility.

She's very passionate about flexible working - she kind of has to be, as illness makes it impossible for her to work in an office sometimes. Prior to co-founding Flexa, Molly grew up between Somerset and London, has a first class degree from Oxford University and worked in investment banking, research, and strategy consulting. She's also a trained chef!

Maurice O'Brien

Maurice is another one of Flexa's Co-Founders. He runs the D2C side of the business, and can often be found in an excel spreadsheet.

Maurice managed a great team of highly flexible workers at a FTSE100 company, but then couldn't find the right flexibility for himself. This predicament led him to co-found Flexa. Before all of that, Maurice grew up in Dublin, studied Finance at University College Dublin and then trained as an accountant; he remains the person who does all our sums.

Tim Leppard

Tim is Flexa’s CTO and he has built all of our lovely site from scratch. The team also tend to hassle him for other technical needs such as excel shortcuts and when the internet stops working… He doesn’t love that.

Tim values flexibility in his work because he is a night owl and doesn’t want anyone telling him to attend a 9am meeting. Prior to co-founding Flexa, Tim built and sold his research automation business. He’s always had a passion for building great tech, and has a first class degree from Bristol.

Shannen Pollard

Shannen is Flexa’s Marketing & Community Manager. She creates engaging content for our socials and supports our Flexa community members. More often than not, she can be found in the depths of TikTok, looking for cute pets and content inspiration.

Shannen’s background is in Recruitment, but she has always had a flair for Marketing and creativity. Being able to work flexibly meant she was able to move to a new home in Devon, where she enjoys hiking with Heidi, photography and videography, pottery, painting, and collecting house plants.

Krys Szota

Krys is our Head of Sales and the reason you have such a fantastic selection of Flexified Partners to choose from!

Living in Somerset, Krys makes the most of the free time that flexible working gives him. He especially enjoys keeping fit; running in the countryside and freshwater swimming in the beautiful lakes nearby. Before Flexa, he scaled the Sales teams at two exciting Fintechs.


Gruff is Chief Morale Officer at Flexa and knows how to work flexibly better than anyone. He splits his time between home and the office.

Gruff works variable hours to fit in key activities, such as napping, lacklustre fetching, and stealing quiches. Gruff grew up in Budapest as a street dog, before he moved to London to live with Maurice and Molly.


Heidi is Flexa’s Chief Sass Officer and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Flexible is her middle name and when she’s not being sassy, she can be found raiding food supplies or relaxing in a cosy spot by the window. 

Flexible working hours mean Heidi has time for her favourite activities, which include stealing the Postman’s lunch from his van, barking at local wildlife, sleeping, and creating content for her Instagram followers.

Work with us

Flexa is a remote-first business, with our staff spread across the UK. We're currently a small (but growing!) team who are dedicated to making work better for everyone.

We advertise our open roles exclusively on Flexa. If you're interested in helping us to grow, then please contact us!

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