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4-day week

Core hours 10–4

People & Transformational HR
4-day week
Core hours 10–4

People & Transformational HR

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People & Transformational HR develops strategies by leveraging the power of connected people and transformational Human Resource activities.

We asked employees of People & Transformational HR how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are very happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Company benefits

Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
4-day week
Unlimited annual leave
Pregnancy loss leave
Fertility treatment leave
What People & Transformational HR employees think

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The most life friendly organisation there is!

PTHR is literally setting the standards for how flexible, autonomous and freedom-centred workplaces should aspire to be. That's easy to say as someone who enjoys working here - but prior to joining I had never worked at a place with such a trusting culture - I remember saying are you sure? What's the catch? Is it to good to be true? But we truly are trusted to work as flexiblity as we need to - accountabily being in our delivery of work.

We're working towards becoming the most 'life friendly' company on the planet! We're well on our way...

ULTRA-flex, we have people who work 6 hours a week right through to 30 hours (our 4 day week commitment). We are proud that 70% of our team are working mums and 75% are carers- our flexible and self-managed ways of working enables us to balance life.

We are ultra flex, ultra self-directed and therefore keep rules to a minimum. Including how and when we work. Clearly what we have to do is match clients needs and things like events and commitments we make and have. But really we can work WHENEVER we feel like it and take it seriously that our clients will need us at set times and to agreed schedules. It is difficult to imagine what we do being any more flexible and self-managed.

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About us

We may be consultants, advisers, coaches and facilitators but we are really a connected, collaborative enterprise of conscious business activists. With audacious dreams framed by our mission: better business for a better world. Our purpose is to transform teams, and the way they operate, to help people flourish in their work.

Flexible working at People & Transformational HR

We are a fully remote, flexible and unorthodox enterprise where people choose their working patterns, hours and flow within our 4-day operating week; we are off the clock during our Wellness Wednesdays, and we are a self-managed, non-hierarchical, freedom-centred organisation.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We are a people-centred organisation especially suitable for those with caring responsibilities - in the main, working parents.

What do we think of People & Transformational HR?

After chatting with Perry, it was instantly clear how flexibility is something which is ingrained within the culture at People & Transformational HR. The scores are genuinely impressive and definitely speak for themselves!

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We're unorthodox in how we hire. We don't carry vacancies and we work with permanent and additional team members. So instead of a vacancy, we find amazing people and start working with them as opportunities present themselves. I'd say our hiring philosophy is alignment with what we believe in - by that we mean: Macro-level world stuff; meso-level work aspects and micro-level team elements. Chemistry is important to us. Skills, we can teach. Attitude and beliefs are crucial.