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BMT is a maritime-orientated high-end design house and technical consulting firm driven by a passion for solving complex, real-world problems. We deliver design, engineering and consulting excellence in a world of ever-increasing change: growing compliance, new global competitors, the pressure to do more with less, ever-faster innovation cycles and less time to exploit market positions or new technologies.

4 days/week at home

Fully flexible hours

We asked employees of BMT how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 389 employee responses

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Benefits spotlight

Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
Enhanced maternity leave – After 1 years service, enhanced maternity to max 18 weeks
26 days annual leave + bank holidays
Wellbeing budget - £250 per annum

Open roles at BMT

Sector Lead, Flood Risk and Resilience Senior Principal Consultant

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - Leeds, GBR - London

Marine Engineers & Senior Marine Engineers

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London

Senior Environment and Sustainability Consultant

GBR - Aberdeen, GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - Leeds, GBR - London

Commercial Business Analyst

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - London, GBR - Teddington

Capability Support Partner

GBR - Bath, GBR - Hybrid

IT Engineer

GBR - Bath

Climate and Environmental Consultant

CAN - Halifax, CAN - Ottawa, CAN - Victoria, CAN - Remote / Home

Senior Project Professional

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Southampton, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Project Professional

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Southampton, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Survey Coordinator / Vessel Inspection planner

NL - Rotterdam

Senior Marine Consultant

AUS - Perth

Principal Pipeline Engineer

CAN - Calgary, CAN - Halifax, CAN - Ottawa, CAN - Victoria, USA - Houston

Supply Chain Partner

GBR - Bath, GBR - Hybrid

Commercial Coordinator

AUS - Perth

M365 Developer

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London, GBR - Southampton, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Financial Controller

AUS - Brisbane

Chief Systems Engineer

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth

Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM) Facilitator

GBR - Bath, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Proposal Manager

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Teddington

Assistant Accountant

AUS - Brisbane

Warehouse Material Handler

USA - Houston

Senior Risk & Safety Consultant

AUS - Perth, SGP - Singapore

Senior / Associate Principal Environmental Approvals Consultant

AUS - Melbourne, AUS - Sydney, AUS - Remote / Home

Electrical Engineer - Various Levels

GBR - Bath

Intermediate or Senior Systems Engineer

CAN - Halifax, CAN - Ottawa, CAN - Victoria

IFS Support

GBR - Bath, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Teddington

Senior Consultant - Procurement Specialist

CAN - Ottawa

Strategic Account Manager

CAN - Calgary, CAN - Halifax, CAN - Ottawa, CAN - Victoria

Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Cross Capability Consultant

GBR - Bath

Water Efficiency Consultant

AUS - Sydney

Senior Marine Field Scientist

AUS - Melbourne

Bid Manager

GBR - Bath

Marine Test & Evaluation Engineer

AUS - Brisbane, AUS - Remote / Home

Systems Engineer - Safety

AUS - Canberra

Project Engineering Manager

AUS - Adelaide, AUS - Brisbane

Systems Engineer

AUS - Canberra

Graduate & Experienced Graduate Flood Engineer

AUS - Sydney

Senior Flooding Engineer - QLD

AUS - Brisbane

Graduate & Experienced Graduate Flood Engineer

AUS - Brisbane

Submarine Safety Engineering Consultant

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Southampton, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Maritime Autonomous Systems Consultant

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Southampton, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Senior Structural Naval Architect / Senior Structural Engineer

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - London, GBR - Remote / Home

Intermediate Electrical Engineer

CAN - Halifax, CAN - Victoria

Principal Systems Engineer

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Senior Naval Architect - Submarines

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Southampton

Naval Architect - Submarines

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Southampton

Senior/ Principal Dredging Engineer

AUS - Perth, AUS - Remote / Home, SGP - Singapore

EOI - Principal Engineer (Defence & Maritime)

AUS - Brisbane

Senior Mechanical Engineer (CI)

AUS - Cairns, QLD, AUS - Melbourne

Technisch Maritiem Expert

NL - Amsterdam, NL - Rotterdam

Strategic Account Manager

USA - Houston

Cyber security consultant: Technical solution architect

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth

Software Capability Team Leader

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol

Senior Environmental Consultant

AUS - Brisbane

TUFLOW - Technical Engineer / Scientist

AUS - Adelaide, AUS - Brisbane, AUS - Melbourne, AUS - Perth, AUS - Sydney, AUS - Remote / Home

Safety Engineering Consultant

GBR - Bath, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Glasgow, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Engineering Professionals - EOI Cairns

AUS - Cairns, QLD

Through Life Support (TLS) Managing Consultant

GBR - Bath, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Plymouth

Principal Environmental Consultant

AUS - Perth

Senior Flooding Engineer - NSW

AUS - Sydney, AUS - Remote / Home

Cyber Security Consultant - Technologies

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Fareham, GBR - Hybrid, GBR - London, GBR - Teddington, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Safety Sector Lead – Land Domain

GBR - Bath, GBR - Fareham, GBR - London, GBR - Weymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Senior Electrical Engineer

CAN - Victoria

Materials Engineer

CAN - Ottawa

Senior Engineer, Marine Engineering

CAN - Halifax, CAN - Ottawa, CAN - Victoria

Structural Integrity Engineer

CAN - Calgary

Submarine Engineer

GBR - Bath, GBR - Bristol, GBR - Plymouth, GBR - Remote / Home

Employee reviews

BMT's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

BMT offers a great deal of flexibility and options to work from an office location, when required, with a great overall working environment. This contributes to both enjoying the work more and being very productive, a win-win for both the employee and the company.

Having been at BMT for a long time, the flexibility and ethos and changed vastly over the last 7 years and its much appreciated.

There is flexibility in how work is delivered as long as it is delivered to quality and within time. There is still obviously the need to attend client sites, attend internal/external meetings and have suitable availability where projects demand this and so there is variability in that flexibility on a project by project basis with some projects and project phases that will be far more flexible than others. In this sense the demand to be flexible works in both directions but outside of those commitments to projects and customers the flexibility is there. Many client and partner organisations also adopt flexible working arrangements so clear communication is key to establishing a common understanding and a working pattern that suits all parties.

I enjoy the very flexible working arrangements offered by the company.

The organisation provides great flexibility in working hours and location, and empowers employees to get the job done.

BMT is very flexible in its approach. In office time is based around project need. Sometimes projects require more in office time to help with efficient delivery than others. Working hours can be flexed as required although regularly working when there are few others online to provide support is inefficient.

One of the key enablers to our ability to work flexibly is the high standard of IT and network service staff and their competence.

Offices, meeting rooms and IT supports flexible working. My weekly or fortnightly visits to the office are effective and useful for catching up with wider company activities.

The flexibility we have working for BMT allows me to fit work around personal commitments and vice-versa. Everyone accepts this but knows that the work will be done; it is a mutual trust arrangement.

I actually choose to work in the office 4 days per week as it suits me and the way I personally work. However, it is great knowing I can work differently at any time without having to grovel, plead or beg for a change. I can work as it suits me and my lifestyle. The degree of trust that I get my work done grew organically but is now just accepted. As a leader I pass on that belief and trust which has been repaid time and time again.

For me - BMT is getting it right. I have the tools/IT I need to work wherever i need to. I feel no pressure to attend offices and I feel listened to and respected by my peers and managers alike. I would like BMT to do some harder thinking about the amount of office space we own/rent and how we could have less physical infrastructure... And make ourselves more profitable and environmentally friendly along the way.

I think it is a great company to work for. The biggest benefit for me is being able to work from home.

I also like the extras such as the Wellbeing Fund, Life Assurance and we have the option to join the private health insurance scheme, which offers great peace of mind for the family.

I love working at BMT because of the people I work with and the projects we're involved in.

BMT has been a gamer changer for me, with respect to work life balance. I am proud to work here

While we are supposed to come into the office 2 days a week, the Department Lead is happy to discuss issues and make exceptions where it's reasonable.

I work from home and it’s in my contract. It’s a perfect situation for me. I go to Client sites once or twice a week and that’s cool too.

Despite not being required to come into the office, I choose to come in most days as I think this is highly important for project work, interpersonal development, and team cohesion. The freedom to select days to work remotely when I choose is much appreciated.

As a relatively new start (less than 6 months), I have found the culture at BMT to be wholly supportive and welcoming for new employees. The flexible nature of location (predominantly wfh) suited me, and was immediately available, although my working hours follow an 8-5 pattern at present.

I really appreciate the flexibility and work/life balance working at BMT provides. We're provided with the tools and the support to get work done. A great place to work from a freedom and flexibility point of view!

the office environment is busy and hardworking but very friendly & supportive

The flexibility of BMT is one of the best bits about it for me, it takes the pressure off other areas of my life. Although I choose to go in two days a week if I didn't there would be no consequence, some people work entirely remotely.

I have been at BMT long enough that my line manager knows me well and trusts me to get on with the work that I need to do and that I will be proactive in it, so is happy for me to work hours that suit me - as long as he knows when he can reach me, so we have daily calls to chat through what needs to be done. It works well for me with caring responsibilities.

BMT is a great company to work for because it trusts its people to deliver and work in the most effective way for them. I massively benefit from the flexibility offered which enables me to deliver my remit around childcare commitment. It genuinely works and I appreciate the trust placed in us by the management.

The work load and product range is highly diverse and interesting. Work changes at a high rate with multiple small tasks interwound with longer period tasks, which keeps daily life busy and interesting. The team is very diverse in its knowledge base, which allows a high level of mixed working groups to undertake a variety of jobs.

Working from home is vitally important to me with regards to childcare and managing my families home life. The company has given their trust to me to work productively from home and I am more productive from home as a result and as a result of this am happy to put the extra miles in to support them as a result of this.

BMT is a fabulous company to work for; interesting work, great colleagues, fab culture and the flexibility is certainly a highlight allowing for a brilliant work/life balance!

BMT is a great place to work!

Certainly in the area of the business I work in, as long as the work gets done we have great flexibility on the hours we work with the exception of when meetings are organised.

Working from home is essential and I wouldn’t stay with the company if I wasn’t allowed to do so

I joined BMT 18 months ago. Having worked in the UKs Defence industry since 2005 for 6 other organisations, BMT is by far the most progressive, friendly and supportive company I have worked for to date.

We are treated with respect in terms of determining how and when we work. The culture is so good and this is backed up with excellent IT and apps to help ensure that we have an inclusive environment.

From the moment I joined the company the communication and support received, from all levels, has been outstanding. The flexibility of working and the trust of management that I will get the job done, by managing my own hours, is a key factor in my employment with BMT.

Personally I have found BMT to be very supportive of flexible working and being in a global role in a global company sometimes I need to start early and pick up calls out of hours. I am very open about my child related activities such as school runs and it is not an issue. I think some individuals feel we should go back to the office more although I personally find it quite unproductive due to the noise and distractions.

Fantastic company to work for :-)

BMT is an Employee Benefit Trust, the employees are the shareholders. It is great to see that in this role, the employees are now receiving clearly identified Employee Dividends. In addition, BMT really does invest its profits in growing the capabilities and skills of its employees.

BMT is a good place to work with a positive culture of working flexibly and meaningful work-life balance.

Structures are in place to work around child care responsibilities

I tend to work from home in the morning , walk to the office over lunchtime and then work there until 5.30pm. Working hours could be more flexible as the office I work in shuts then but I can log back in at home later that evening if needs be.

BMT is a great and supportive place to work. I have a young family and being able to have flexibility in my job, is crucial to me. I feel lucky that I get this at BMT and I am never questioned. As long as my work is delivered, I have the autonomy to work in whichever way is best for me and my family.

As a company BMT are incredibly supportive of a flexible working. There can be conflict when working with client expectations, but this is something the leadership team will help with when approached.

A great company to work for. Flexible working creates a good environment to engage collaboratively by multiple means, this also allows individuals to tailor their work life balance to one that suits their current situation in life.

The company has allowed me to work three days a week despite the role being planned as full-time five days per week. I can work these days entirely from home but I will want to go into the office and/or meet colleagues in a neutral location from time to time.

BMT excellent company to work for, flexible and supportive around work-life balance. Definitely a people-first company.

Everyone I’ve dealt with is very friendly and helpful, regardless of the team they’re in, or project they’re working on.

I have only recently joined BMT. I have found the company very welcoming and accommodating. The teams I work with have been very helpful since I have joined the company and are always willing to impart their knowledge.

Working for BMT is a pleasure but I would just note that we are very busy. So while we have a gloriously flexible policy around work, the tasks run well over any form of core day. There are some leaders who are really grinding it out and I worry about them.

Good supportive working environment with a variety of tasking and opportunities available.

Working at BMT

Company employees


Gender diversity (male:female:non-binary)


Office locations

Teddington, Bath, Southampton, Fareham, Bristol, Plymouth, Weymouth, Leeds, Aberdeen, Glasgow

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United Kingdom

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Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2024
Professional Services

Professional Services

Industry awards 2023

About us

With around 1,300+ professionals located in 27 offices in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe, we draw upon a wide range of experience and expertise to provide high-quality, high-value products and services.

From initial concept through to design, construction, operation, and eventual decommissioning, we support customers at every stage of the project lifecycle.  Our customers across the world buy outcomes: cost-effective solutions to business problems that require technical excellence, independent thinking, and innovation.

Our purpose

We exist to navigate the most important and impactful engineering challenges of our time. We create environments where people with outstanding technical knowledge deliver meaningful, practical solutions. We are driven by a commitment to a safer, more efficient, effective and sustainable future.

Flexible working at BMT

As an Employee Benefit Trust it is in our culture to work to a common goal.

We believe that everyone performs at their best when they have the flexibility to arrange their professional and personal commitments in a way that works for them individually and meets the needs of the business. We believe that flexibility is a key enabler in attracting and retaining high calibre people who, as a result, are fully engaged and have positive wellbeing.

We pursue this commitment by:

  • Ensuring our commitment to flexibility is clearly communicated throughout recruitment activities
  • Providing training and development to Managers of People in how to promote and manage flexibility in their teams
  • Providing clear processes and guidelines for employees and Managers of People on how flexibility is to be managed
  • Promoting a culture that places a higher value on achievement of business objectives than working standard hours and being physically present in a BMT office
  • Monitoring the employment experience on flexibility through our Employee Engagement Survey and ensuring the results feed into future strategy
  • Using the technology and tools available (and investing in future technologies) to enable a flexible working culture
  • Ensuring adherence to local legal requirements around flexibility
  • Encouraging all employees to challenge the status quo on how we approach flexibility at work
  • Encouraging employees and Managers of People to have regular conversations about flexibility and work/life balance; this includes reviewing on an on-going basis any existing flexible arrangements in place

Some examples of flexible working are:

  • The change of working patterns or hours on a temporary or permanent basis
  • The ability to work from locations other than local BMT offices
  • The compression of total working hours into less days
  • The promotion of ‘core’ hours that enable employees to ring-fence time in or out of the office around their responsibilities

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Our DE&I strategy

We have a strategic commitment to improved diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace, it is business imperative for us and we continue to prioritise our work in this area. Our passion and goal are to build more diverse teams and to create an environment where employees are engaged, thriving and feel a sense of belonging.

We know that diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to achieving our purpose as a business which is to navigate the most important and impactful engineering challenges of our time. We recently took some time to review our DE&I strategy and have a plan in place with lots of progress already underway. We continue to refine our approach by keeping our strategy live and updating it as things change and as we make progress against our actions.

Some examples of initiatives are:

BMT Consulting Women Programme

We are dedicated to improving the development of women in leadership, and the BMT Consulting Women Programme is just one example of that dedication in action. Designed to increase the presence and representation of women in leadership positions within our organisation, it has helped equip those that attend with the skills and competencies they need as they mature their careers and progress to more senior roles.  Personal development is central to the programme, with participants being helped to understand and apply their unique strengths to their teams and increase their individual impact.


We know that being able to bring your whole self to work leads to better performance and increases the cultural health of a company – especially for people who identify as LGBTQ+ who can find it exhausting and disempowering to be constricted to social norms. Despite this, inequalities for LGBTQ+ individuals persist in every corner of society. At BMT, we champion better LGBTQ+ inclusion, here are just a few examples of how we do this.


Prism is our network for LGBTQ+ colleagues and their allies. Its purpose is to provide support, connection and challenge for our organisation and our colleagues, to be a critical friend in the awareness and promotion of LGBTQ+ issues, and to encourage us to demonstrate our values through our behaviours. 

They continually support us, our colleagues and our leaders with advice and access to resources and feedback on LGBTQ+ affecting issues and to demonstrate that we value the LGBTQ+ community. Thanks to their help, we can connect with colleagues, peer companies and external organisations to provide networking and peer support, and we continually challenge ourselves to positively influence behaviours, policies and processes across the group, and to advocate for LGBT inclusion.  

What do we think of BMT?

BMT offer a fantastic working environment within an industry that's traditionally not very flexible! It's very clear employees feel trusted to work in a way that suits them, which is reflected in their high scores across the board!

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Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2024
Professional Services

Professional Services

Industry awards 2023

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