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At Brit, we believe that the uncertainty should never stand in the way of progress. That's why we exist. To help people and businesses face the future and thrive.

3 days/week at home

We asked employees of Brit Insurance how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 309 employee responses

Employees are largely happy with their working location freedom
Employees are largely happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel that they can mostly manage how they get their own work done

Benefits spotlight

Shared parental leave
Enhanced paternity leave
Enhanced maternity leave
Adoption leave
Health insurance
Dental coverage
Non-contributory pension
Annual bonus
Share options
Season ticket loan
Life assurance
Cycle to work scheme
Faith rooms
Pregnancy loss leave
Fertility treatment leave
Carer’s leave
Open to job sharing
Open to part time work for some roles
Gym membership
Compassionate leave
Menstrual leave
Bank holiday swaps
Volunteer days
Employee assistance programme
Salary sacrifice
Charity donation scheme
L&D budget
Enhanced sick pay
Enhanced sick days
Mental health platform access

Employee reviews

Brit Insurance's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

A very good company with a really good culture, excellent prospects and a close knit company feel

I think Brit's got the balance between in-person camaraderie and working from home focus that I want to do my work well. Within our policies I am also able to support my team with their work life needs as they don't have as many meetings as I do, so can easily do their work remotely.

A fantastic central London office location with flexible 50/50 home/office hybrid working.

An incredible culture with supportive colleagues and a really innovative approach with staff recognition embedded.

Brit has a great cuture and it is a really good place to work. There is a real sense of caring about staff and ensuring their wellbeing.

Fantastic environment - Rewarded for good performance. Ability for young parents to commit to both work and family!

I work in the office 2 days every other week but this is specifically agreed upon as part of the flexible working policy. Everyone by default can work a 2/3 day fortnightly schedule in the office.

My role allows me to be completely autonomous with my team as long as we meet overarching wider team goals.

Great people, who are leaders in their field. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop skills.

In comparison to other insurance companies that I have previously worked for, Brit has a wonderful culture and the environment to work here is much better than what I have encountered elsewhere.

Very flexible - if you're good at your job and produce the work you need to, you have lots of freedom

We are like a large 'small company'. Very friendly, lovely office environment, energised, forward thinking ESG and I&D support. I have been here for 20 years of my 34 year career and I still love the culture as much as the day I decided to join. It's lovely!

Brit is a young and vibrant company, with none of the hierarchy built into a lot of similar FS organisations

expectations are to be in office 50% of time, typically 2 days one week 3 the next

Brit takes a lot of interest in its employees, seeking to create policies and culture that support a diverse range of talent working flexibility to achieve our goals.

Brit has a great culture. It is collaborative and friendly. With extra flexibility at times when its needed and warranted. Senior management really recognise insurance in the London market is still very much a people business and want to look after Brit people.

- Working hours are flexible and I don't feel pressure to conform to set hours. As long as my work is completed my line manager is relaxed.

- Freedom to work from home is good but as a fairly new starter it has been hard to feel part of the Brit culture. I prefer to work in the office with the odd day at home.

- Benefits are very good here (ESOP, non-contributory pension etc). Lunch or assistance with travel to work is a benefit which would be good to adopt and may even encourage more people into the office!

Overall, Brit is a great place to work and would recommend it to anyone.

Even though i have only been working at Brit for the last 8 months, I have found it to be such a positive and welcoming experience . My colleagues have been extremely supportive and my work life balance is something i have never managed to achieve in any of my other roles.

So a big thank you for making this sole parent able to breathe at last....

Management seem to understand and recognize that there is no one size fits all solution. 2/3 days per week in the office, with manager's discretion around that, works well. There are employees where less (or more) days in the office are needed and the ability for managers to be flexible is very important. Similarly, managers and leadership are in the office more, but without creating an environment where we feel pressure to be in more. The focus is on getting the job done, within a good corporate culture (which we haven't lost), with a high level of collaboration both in person and on teams, within a great office environment, instead of focusing on the numbers of days people are in or out of the office. There is also much more flexibility around core hours (no hard 9-5) that has taken a lot of unnecessary stress out of work, commuting and managing home life.

A very friendly, collaborative/supportive team environment, where ideas are positively encouraged.

There is a flexible hybrid working culture of being in the office 1/2 of the time. This gives employees the flexibility to work out what is the best arrangement for them and their team. Everyone is trusted to get the work done and there is no bias or judgement around family/motherhood and how this may sometimes interfere with work.

There is a great, modern, forward looking culture at Brit in a comfortable prestigious office building.

Brit is a great place to work!

There's a good work/life balance that offers a positive hybrid working culture. Significant trust in managing your work load compliments the freedom of a hybrid working hours. I would recommend this benefit to anyone interested in working at Brit.

Working at Brit Insurance

Company employees

Approximately 650

Gender diversity (male:female)


Office locations

London & Bermuda

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United Kingdom

Awards & Achievements

Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Industry awards 2023

About us

Brit is a leading global specialty insurer and reinsurer focused on underwriting complex risks

Every day, we channel our entrepreneurial expertise to write the most opaque risk that the future holds, embracing the change faced by our clients by delivering a service that’s open, honest, and fair. One that invests in the new products and claims delivery they need in a world of complex risk.

You can do so much more than work when you come to work at Brit; we encourage you to network and socialise, and to give to others through volunteering and charity endeavours.

Flexible working at Brit Insurance

At Brit, we believe in a healthy work-life balance. That’s why we operate hybrid working, to ensure our colleagues have the benefits of home working together with the enjoyment of face-to-face collaboration, and social activities.  For those of you joining our London office, it’s a great modern office space, full of light where everyone can enjoy the spectacular views of the amazing city of London sky scape.

Beyond office and home working

We have progressive policies to ensure we support our colleagues in a range of circumstances. These provide a framework to help our colleagues feel comfortable bringing their whole self to work at Brit.

Our policies:

  • Workplace adjustments
  • Support for carers
  • Family leave
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Fertility
  • Transgender and transitioning
  • Domestic abuse

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Respected, valued and accepted. These three words capture how we like every Brit employee to feel at work.

Our culture is one where you can be yourself. We think that if you bring your authentic self to work, then you will thrive, and we will too.

Building a diverse and inclusive culture doesn’t happen overnight though. It’s a journey that our people are part of. Take our People Forum for example. Employees can contribute to topics like race, identity, sexual orientation, belonging, disability and mental wellbeing. We encourage our people to meet across teams, share personal stories and understand different perspectives. It puts our people at the heart of shaping our inclusive workplace.

Our aspiration is to encourage everyone at Brit to be conscious advocates of inclusion and diversity. It is a very real business priority of ours. Together we will make this happen.

What do we think of Brit Insurance?

Brit Insurance have a fantastic hybrid approach to working and offer amazing benefits. In an industry that's typically not very flexible, it's great to see Brit Insurance paving the way. They truly believe in having a healthy work-life balance and we love to see it!

Meet who might be hiring you

Our achievement culture shines through, so when you do something incredible you are rewarded. When you are proactive, it is recognised. When you go above and beyond, you are thanked. Wholeheartedly.

I hope that our passion for our business, our people and the community shines through. I know that Brit has a lot to offer you.

Lorraine Denny, Chief Engagement Officer

Awards & Achievements

Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Industry awards 2023

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