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What is job sharing?

Job sharing is a flexible work arrangement where two or more employees divide the workload and compensation of a full-time position. Job sharing can be an effective way for employees who desire more flexibility in their work schedules, have personal or caregiving responsibilities, or want to pursue other interests outside of work. It offers the benefits of a reduced workload, increased job satisfaction, improved work-life balance, and the opportunity for knowledge and skill-sharing between the job-sharing partners.

Employers can also benefit from job sharing by retaining valued employees, attracting diverse talent, and maintaining productivity and continuity in the role.

With a surge in candidates expressing their interest in job-sharing opportunities, the demand is certainly there. But it's important to note while most roles can be effectively split between job-sharing partners, certain guidelines should be in place for successful implementation. These guidelines should include establishing clear communication channels, devising a plan for workload division, setting goals, and measuring success.

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