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What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a type of flexible work arrangement that combines remote work with in-office work. This arrangement gives employees more autonomy and flexibility in deciding when they work from home and from the office.

Hybrid working offers a balance between the benefits of remote work, such as improved work-life balance and reduced commuting time, and the benefits of in-office work, such as face-to-face interaction and collaboration. This working arrangement can help organisations reduce office space needs and improve environmental sustainability.

The specifics of hybrid working arrangements may vary depending on the organisation's policies and the needs of individual employees or teams. For example, some employees may work remotely for a set number of days per week, while others may work from the office on specific days or for specific tasks. By providing this flexibility, employers can create a more inclusive and adaptable work environment that supports their employees' needs and enhances their overall work experience.

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