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What is EGC?

EGC, also known as Employee-Generated Content, is the content that's created and shared by employees of your company. This content can vary from blogs to social media posts, videos, images, internal workflows, training materials, and more.

The primary characteristic of EGC is that it's written/created by employees, as opposed to the official marketing or communication teams of your company.

It serves as a powerful way to humanise your brand, showcasing the expertise and insights of your employees and providing an authentic perspective of your unique company culture.

EGC is often utilised within a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, boost higher levels of engagement, and build trust among current and potential customers as well as candidates.

Leveraging the influence and reach of your employees means that you can tap into a more genuine and relatable connection with your target audience to create a more positive perception of your Employer Brand and increase loyalty.

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