20 dog friendly companies to work for in 2024

There are plenty of dog-friendly companies out there, but knowing who they are and where to find them was once difficult, but not anymore!

10th Apr 2024

In this blog we’re shining the spotlight on some dog-friendly companies; they might be currently hiring or soon be hiring for the job of your dreams. And, not only are these companies dog-friendly, but they are also Flexified, which means they are verified as truly flexible places to work

What is a dog friendly office?

A dog friendly office is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a workplace that allows employees to bring their dogs to work. This policy is becoming increasingly popular as companies recognise the benefits of having pets in the workplace. Dogs can reduce stress, increase morale, and create a more positive work environment. Additionally, allowing dogs in the office can attract and retain employees who value this perk, especially as it eliminates the need to hire a dog sitter while they're at work. 

Here is a list of 20 flexified companies that have dog-friendly offices.

1. ProfitAbility Business Simulations: Serious games for people, planet and profit; ProfitAbility creates memorable learning experiences which make people better at their jobs.

2. Motorway: Motorway are on a mission to move the car industry online – and in doing so, they’re making buying and selling cars a more efficient and 10x better experience. 

3. Butternut Box: A fresh dog food subscription that delivers home-cooked dog food, perfectly portioned and delivered direct to customer's doors. 

4. Perlego: Perlego's ambition is to become the world’s online learning library, a single place where learners can instantly access all of the world’s academic content for less than the price of a single book.

5. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Battersea offer love and expert care to dogs and cats who need it by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals at their centres, and by sharing knowledge and resources with rescue organisations around the world.

6. Ben: Not your average benefits platform. Ben are the unordinary force that uplifts people's lives. Their technology is the link that connects the entire benefits ecosystem, creating better outcomes for employers, employees, brokers, and providers.

7. Oliva Health: An on-demand mental health platform for employees & managers. Give your team access to check-ins, therapy & workshops led by a curated team of professionals.

8. HowNow: HowNow is a learning experience platform that helps companies onboard, upskill and support employees faster, everywhere they work.

9. Figures Europe's leading compensation management platform, helping mid‑market companies and enterprises to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

10. LettUs Grow : A company with ‏‏‎‎a mission is to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of fresh produce by empowering anyone, anywhere, to grow delicious food near its point of consumption.‏‏‎ ‎

11. Flash Pack: Flash Pack is on a mission to create 1 million meaningful friendships across the globe, using the power of travel and technology.

12. Mars UK: Mars proudly makes the treats, nutritious meals, and many of your favourite products. Learn why we're ready to become a part of your family.

13. Kelly Deli: KellyDeli is an Asian food company that has sushi-kiosks, street stores and restaurants all over the world.

14. Rotageek: An  app-based scheduling and workforce management solution that helps you plan labour to demand more efficiently.

15. Flipdish An all-in-one tech solution that simplifies the challenge of running your restaurant, so you can fall back in love with what you do.

16. Tyk: Tyk is on a mission to connect every system in the world. We’ve started by building an API Management platform.

17. Hurree: Powered by an AI assistant, Riva, Hurree offers dynamic dashboards for up-to-date insights and customizable visualizations tailored to your needs, helping you unlock the power of your data.

18. Prolific: Prolific is on a mission to revolutionise how the world learns about people, so people can revolutionise the world.

19. Storyblok: A company with a mission is to deliver the best Content Management System that validates and prioritises content management innovations, enables teams to deliver their content in a fast and reliable way while building the remote company.

20. Amplifi: Amplifi is a specialist consultancy providing Advisory, Delivery and Support services for data management, data governance and data quality. 

If you want to gush over some of these companies' furry, four-legged team members, search 'FlexibleFloofs' on LinkedIn. Here is Flexa's very own, Gruff!

He’s the OG; the canine who started it all; our Co-fur-ounder and Chief Morale Officer.