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What Is A Flexible Job?

10th Aug 2022

If you’re new to hearing about job flexibility, outside of the pandemic, you might be wondering, what actually is a flexible job?

Flexible working is the name given to working arrangements that differ from the former office based, 9-5 environment. Flexible working could include: part-time work, job shares, flexible working hours, or even work from anywhere schemes. 

Post pandemic, flexible jobs are continuing to proliferate, with more and more companies adapting to a new way of working. A flexible job helps you to establish a rhythm whereby you do your best work while helping you to achieve a better work-life blend. 

There are multiple benefits to flexible working, not just for employees, but for companies as well - so it's a win-win. 

Types of flexible working arrangements

What is working from home/ a remote job?

Those who enjoy this type of work are predominantly organised, and able to manage their work well so that it doesn’t blur into their home life. 

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean being tied to your desk. It gives the opportunity and freedom to be able to work from other remote locations, such as your garden, or your favourite cafe or coffee shop. 

There are many benefits you can reap from remote work, such as: avoiding the dreaded commute and its associated costs; being able to do school runs, or making the time to cook, clean, exercise, and have a fresh homemade lunch 🤤 Whatever the reason, you’ll have the freedom to manage your days better, working comfortably and productively. 

What are remote-first jobs?

Remote-first jobs are similar to remote working. Perhaps you fancy a change of scenery or want to see work colleagues face to face? If so, you have the option to occasionally work from the office. 

Alternatively, you could work half a day in the office and the rest of the day from home. The name kind of says it all, working remotely comes first, but you ultimately have the choice. 

Overall, it’s a great option for those who want to enjoy working from home but like to have alternative options.

What are flexible hybrid jobs?

This type of flexible working arrangement offers a balance of remote and in-office work with greater flexibility. Some companies might need you in the office for part of the week but are not able to offer a fully-remote role, due to face-to-face meetings or systems which can only be accessed on-premises. 

This type of flexible working could be beneficial for you if you are someone who wants a break from the office environment. Enjoying a few days working from home with the freedom and flexibility to cook, do the washing, collect children from school, have a lay-in, exercise, or just a break from the commute to and from work.

What are flexible working hours?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: flexibility with the hours that you work. Many companies will have core hours, for example, 11-3; the remainder of the hours can be worked around your lifestyle and personal commitments, whether that be early morning or in the evening. Some days you may want a lay-in, other days you might be raring to go. 

What are compressed hours?

This is a flexible working option alternative to the 4-day work week. Instead of working five days a week, you could enjoy a day off by compressing your hours into four days, without affecting your pay. You could work Mon-Thurs and, in theory, have a bank holiday weekend every weekend 😍

What are 'work from anywhere' schemes?

Work from anywhere schemes (WFA), will allow you to work from anywhere in the world up to a specific number of days a year. If you’re a keen traveller and fancy working on the beach, or if you’re visiting family abroad, you can choose to work from anywhere instead of using your annual leave.

What is job sharing?

Job share is a flexible working arrangement that allows you to share a full-time role with two or more people; an ideal option for those who still wish to be a working parent. 

Being a parent is a full-time role in itself. Many mums and dads might not be able to continue working full-time, but do need the additional income or have the ambition to still pursue their careers. 

Having flexible working options available creates higher job satisfaction and you’ll likely be a lot better off both mentally and physically. 

Flexa knows there is much more to life than work; finding a workplace that understands this is crucial.