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About us

Storyblok is a Headless Content Management System that provides developers with all the flexibility they need to build reliable and fast websites whilst giving content creators with no coding skills the ability to edit content independently of the developer. Thanks to the headless approach your content can not only be used for one website, which is the case if you use a monolithic CMS like WordPress. Storyblok empowers you to use your content on iOS and Android apps, as well as any other platform of choice (IoT, smartwatch, AR/VR) through Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”).

Flexible working approach

Remote first and international. Inline with how the employee likes to work. Storyblok are output focused so you can keep your own hours (early/late start or breaks in the day). Employees have the option of a home office upgrade or a coworking space membership and the company pays the same for all roles irrespective of country.

Benchmarking score

Scoring against our flexibility index (1 = not at all flexible, 100 = couldn’t be more flexible, 51 is average) using a number of parameters to assess flexibility such as working from home, hours, frequency of travel, benefits, etc.


Employee benchmarking score

Scoring against our employee perception index (1 = not seen as flexible, 100 = couldn’t be happier with the flexibility, 51 is average) using a number of more emotional / perception based questions to understand whether employees feel supported and offered what they want. The areas we cover are work-life balance / managerial support / flexible benefits / working environment / and many others.


"I really love to work at Storyblok. The company offers so much support to work from home and you can keep it a minimal setup if that's preferred. All employees and managers treat each other with respect and we have day offs to rest and pass time with our family when needed."

Software Engineer - StoryBlok

Company employees
76 : 24
Gender diversity (male:female)
$8,500,000 Series A
Funding levels

What do we think of StoryBlok?

Storyblok are taking the new-age of working very seriously, and the results are fantastic. It's clear to see that the high level of quality and progress coming out in their product, growth, funding, and of course talent, is due to the excellent environment in which they encourage the workforce to work in a way that best suits the individual.

Meet who might be hiring you

Storyblok have not had one person leave in 3 years and we believe that is a testament to how seriously we care about our employees.

Akbar Karenga - Head of Talent

What they offer their employees

  • Open to Part-time Employees

  • Enhanced Parental Leave

  • Work From Home Allowance

  • Compressed Hours

  • Work From Anywhere Schemes

  • Unlimited Sick Leave

  • Flexible Personal Development Fund

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