20 SaaS & software development companies offering remote working in 2024

8th May 2024

Discover the top 20 SaaS & software development companies that prioritise flexibility in the workplace. From remote first, hybrid and part-time and compressed hours, these companies are leading the way in offering work arrangements that accommodate different lifestyles and needs.

What is a a SaaS & software development company?

A SaaS (Software as a Service) and software development company specialises in creating and delivering software applications over the internet. Their role involves several key functions. First and foremost, they develop and maintain software products, which includes writing code, designing user interfaces, and implementing features. They also manage product roadmaps, identifying market needs and prioritising development tasks.

In a SaaS and software development company, you need some key skills. Firstly, you should be good at programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, or C#. These are important for making and looking after software. Also, you need to be good at solving problems and thinking analytically to fix issues. Good communication is a must to work well with your team, understand what users need, and help customers.

If you are interested in working for a SaaS and software development company here are 20 flexified companies that you can explore.
  1. Storyblok - A headless CMS that allows developers and content creators to collaborate seamlessly.
  2. CTS & CloudM - A tech company specialising in cloud services and IT solutions for businesses.
  3. Hurree - Marketing automation platform enabling personalised and targeted mobile app campaigns.
  4. Paddle - E-commerce platform simplifying software sales for SaaS businesses.
  5. Tyk - Open-source API management platform for scaling and securing APIs.
  6. Adaptavist Group - Provider of Atlassian apps and consultancy services for optimising team collaboration and productivity.
  7. Blip - Portuguese technology company focused on digital transformation and software development.
  8. Cronofy - Scheduling APIs for connecting calendars and facilitating efficient time management.
  9. Leighton - Construction and engineering firm delivering infrastructure projects worldwide.
  10. Howells - Law firm offering legal services in various areas including property, family, and commercial law.
  11. Attractions.io - Mobile technology company providing solutions for enhancing visitor experiences in attractions and venues.
  12. Rotageek - Workforce management software helping businesses optimise staff scheduling and productivity.
  13. EvaluAgent - Customer service quality assurance platform for improving customer experience through feedback and analytics.
  14. Trust Keith - Financial services firm specialising in wealth management and investment advisory.
  15. Scilife - Biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative life science tools and solutions.
  16. Boomi - Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) enabling businesses to connect applications and data seamlessly.
  17. ScreenCloud - Digital signage software for creating and managing content across screens and devices.
  18. Amplience - Content management and delivery platform for creating and distributing rich digital experiences.
  19. Vable - Content aggregation and distribution platform for organisations to manage and share information effectively.
  20. Goodlord - PropTech company streamlining the rental process with digital tenancy creation and management.