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Core hours 10–4

Trust Keith
Core hours 10–4

Trust Keith

Your dedicated data protection team, backed up by software

Trust Keith combines real humans with technology to seamlessly manage your data protection.

We asked employees of Trust Keith how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are moderately happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Additional employee ratings
(these do not contribute to the FlexScore®)

Employees feel that the diversity, and the efforts to improve and maintain it, are great
Employees feel like the company culture is brilliantly inclusive and equitable
Employees feel like it is a really great environment to work in
Employees feel very excited about and aligned with the company mission
Employees feel that their salary is good and matches the value they bring

Company benefits

25 days annual leave + bank holidays
Company shutdown periods
Pension match/increase
Enhanced sick pay
Work from anywhere scheme – 42 days per year
Work from home allowance
Enhanced maternity leave
Enhanced paternity leave
What Trust Keith employees think

Mentions of

"There's a lot of opportunity to have an impact, explore new skills and grow."

"I love Trust Keith <3"

"Trust Keith was recommended to me by a friend and former colleague. The thing that really drew me to apply was the culture and flexibility, and I have not been disappointed. It has far outperformed other organisations I have worked for in this regard. Joining Trust Keith has felt like my first proper introduction to a professional working environment where staff are encouraged to grow, are properly rewarded, and are properly supported. My role allows me to work when I am most productive and focus my mind on the tasks that match my energy level. I really enjoy working with the team and have made some excellent friends here. I see myself staying with Trust Keith long-term and am excited about the company's future."

"Our vision is “We care about building an exceptional company, with exceptional results, and exceptional people that truly serves our customers” - everyone is focused on building an exceptional / high-performing business and everything we do is intentional.

Our flexi-time policy and remote working culture are amazing for having a good work-life balance, and monthly team days in person mean you don't miss out on that face-to-face connection with your colleagues.

Everything is done to a super high standard, from onboarding to communication and OKR setting.

The company culture is focused really heavily on employee personal & professional growth
and engagement. Good work is recognised!

Each employee is encouraged to give feedback and honest opinions no matter where in the business you sit.

Despite being a remote company, the Trust Keith team feels very close-knit and supportive."

Working at Trust Keith

Company employees


Office locations


Funding levels

Zero funding. We’re bootstrapped!

Hiring Countries

United Kingdom
Awards & Achievements
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Tempo Top 100 Super Start Ups - 53/100


Tempo Top 100 Super Start Ups - 86/100


Tally Market Stars of the Workplace - 1st place

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Tech Nation Rising Stars


About us

We launched Trust Keith to help founders and operators (not risk teams at BigCo's), save the time, energy, and ambiguity of managing data protection themselves. We know first hand the importance of getting it right and at the same time not allowing it to overtly impact business-as-usual.

We're on a mission to change the "boring" and "unsexy" stereotypes of data compliance to make data protection simple, easy to understand, and an enabler for businesses.

We care about building an exceptional company, with exceptional results, and exceptional people, that truly serves our customers.

Our Values

  • 🗣 Brave: You’re willing to challenge the status quo, share an unpopular opinion, and deliver and receive honest feedback
  • ✅ Diligent: You make yourself accountable by default, following through on what you say you’re going to do
  • 💛 Empathetic: You’re able to put yourself in the customers’ and other team members’ shoes, everyone is human after all
  • 🚀 Personal & Professional Growth Mindset: You’re ambitious, want to learn, grow, and become the best version of yourself
  • 🧞 Quirky: You don’t take yourself too seriously… We’re very aware we’re building a company in an ‘unsexy’ industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. We’re called Trust “Keith” because data compliance is often associated as a “boring” and “unsexy” subject stereotypically conducted by individuals with names like “Keith” [credit to Family Guy]!

Flexible working at Trust Keith

At Trust Keith we understand that a great work life balance can boost motivation, enhance performance, and reduce stress.

Flexibility from Day One
We embrace Flexitime from the get-go. From day one, our team members have the freedom to shape their workday. They're encouraged to start when they want, end when they choose, and take breaks on their terms. Your workday, your way!

🚀 Collaboration
Our core hours (Mon-Fri, 10 am - 4 pm) allow team synergy and represent a commitment to our customers.  But we're not clock-watchers. We focus on impact, not hours.

🤝Trust and Autonomy
At Trust Keith, we place unwavering trust in our team members, empowering them to make sound decisions that drive our collective success. Flexitime isn't merely a schedule; it's a statement of our faith in individual autonomy.

🌟 Mindfulness and Communication
Our approach to flexibility promotes harmony. We encourage our team to keep communication open about their flexitime choices and show consideration for their colleagues' working patterns.

💫 Flexible Working Options
Additional flexible working options are available to help our team adapt to life's twists and turns. It's about crafting work around their priorities, whether that means a condensed work week, job sharing, or altering  working days. We are here to make work work for you!

Approach to diversity & inclusion

At Trust Keith, we believe in the power of diversity and equality. We're committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace where everyone, regardless of their background or identity, thrives. Our hiring practices welcome all backgrounds, and our team describes our culture as flexible, honest, and intentional. Using tools like our People Calendar, we foster open conversations about topics such as neurodiversity, religion, and identity. We design our policies to be both generous and inclusive. For instance, our New Parent's Leave policy offers enhanced leave to new parents and is designed to support all genders, sexual orientations, and family structures. We strive to create an environment where every voice is heard, every perspective valued, and every individual empowered to be their authentic selves. Our commitment to these principles is at the core of who we are and what we do.

What do we think of Trust Keith?

Trust Keith offers fantastic flexibility and a huge range of benefits. You can see how satisfied employees are from the feedback in the employee survey - a huge well done to the team at Trust Keith for creating such a progressive working environment!

Awards & Achievements
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Tempo Top 100 Super Start Ups - 53/100


Tempo Top 100 Super Start Ups - 86/100


Tally Market Stars of the Workplace - 1st place

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Tech Nation Rising Stars


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