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Join the world's first platform that enables you to leverage your flexible working environment to create a world-class employer brand, effortlessly.

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1 million users in 100+ countries

You're a startup. We're a startup.

We've built an employer brand that has allowed us to spend absolutely nothing on hiring since our inception. We know what works, what doesn't work, and how to build the foundations of an employer brand that means you are known as an employer of choice, even when you aren't a well-known company.

35% of the companies on Flexa are startups, and we enable them to achieve exactly the same results without dozens of different platforms and recruiters.

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Flexa customers get access to a whole host of products and services to build out employee value proposition and make it easier to find quality talent. And even better, there's a special discounted price for QVentures's portfolio companies.

Flexibility filters
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Flexa users are conducting >110k searches every single month. By getting Flexified, you'll appear in front of these thousands of users.

Start attracting talent using your flexible working environment, rather than just treating it as a retention tool.

Getting started on Flexa is super simple.

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Your flexible working environment is your most powerful talent attraction tool, so start using it today!

Flexification is a 2-step verification process. First, we establish the working environment you offer and then we survey a statistically significant portion of your employees. This enables us to independently verify your work environment and determine how satisfied your employees are with it.