What Is Hybrid Working?

5th Dec 2022

Hybrid working is a flexible working arrangement that supports remote working alongside a blend of in-office work. It offers employees the autonomy and flexibility to choose what days they work remotely and in the office.

What are the benefits of hybrid working? 

The hybrid working model offers employees and employers some great benefits. We’ve delved into some of these benefits below:

Improved mental well-being

Having a balance of at-home and in-office work makes for a balanced week. Sometimes working from home might have you stuck in a rut, living in loungewear and not wanting to get ready for the day - we know. Being in the office can help to break down that cycle; you’ll be able to gain social elements back into your life through face-to-face interaction with team members whilst enjoying the benefits of working from home a few times each week. 

Reduce office costs 

With fewer employees in the office full-time, you’ll likely be able to cut down on space, thus saving costs. You’ll also be helping to reduce your carbon footprint - if you want to learn more about how flexible working can benefit the environment, you can check out one of our previous blogs.

Saved commuting time and costs 

Employees will save time that would usually be spent commuting to and from work to utilise how they wish. Whether that be opting for a lay-in, starting work earlier or later, going to the gym or for a walk, doing the school drop-off / pick-up, or getting household chores completed - all of which help lead to an improved work-life blend. Not to mention cost savings, as we know trains are expensive and can get very crowded, fuel prices are rising and rush hour traffic is no fun.

Focus with fewer distractions 

Some individuals might find it easier to focus in the office, and others may find it easier at home. Having a balanced workweek means that you’ll still have days where you’ll be able to get your head down with fewer distractions. 

What companies offer hybrid working?

There are several verified flexible employers who offer hybrid working as a working arrangement - alongside some other really great perks. We’re sharing the spotlight on some of these below:

Allianz GCS

Global corporate insurance business across various specialisms - they are a key part of the Allianz Group. They offer their employees benefits from, work from anywhere and time flexibility options (for most roles). 


They are the network of networks powered by open banking and transforming how money moves on a global scale. They have a really long list of employee benefits from shared parental leave, enhanced maternity and paternity leave, open to job sharing, team building holidays and lots more. 

Up Learn

They’ve helped over 40,000 students and delivered over 10,000 scholarships to disadvantaged students.

Their working hours are typically 9 am - 5 pm with flexible start and finish times. Why not go check out their employee benefits and current job openings. 

Boston Link

They are recruitment experts specialising in the financial services, iGaming technology, legal and aviation sectors with offices across the UK and Malta. They’re open to compressed hours and offer a work-from-anywhere scheme alongside some other really great employee benefits. 


Influencer drives growth on social media, enabling brands to be seen. They have some great company benefits such as a work-from-home allowance, pregnancy loss leave and enhanced maternity and paternity leave. 

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