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What Do Part-Time & Compressed Hours Mean?

Part time work is described as working between 1 and 34 hours per week, whereas compressed hours are when the full hours of the working week are compressed into a shorter time span. For example, you might work forty hours over five days a week in a standard setup; this could be compressed down into four days of ten hours.

20th Dec 2022

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the difference between part time & compressed hours and more. We will cover :

  • The benefits of part time work
  • The benefits of compressed hours
  • 10 remote-first companies with part time and compressed hours
  • How to find a job with part time or compressed hours

What are the benefits of part time work?

Flexibility: Part time work offers greater flexibility, meaning employees can better balance work with other commitments such as education, childcare, or personal interests. This means working the hours that fit your lifestyle, reducing stress and boosting your overall wellbeing.

Work-Life balance: Part time work can contribute to a healthier work-life balance by allowing more time for leisure activities, family responsibilities, and self-care. With fewer hours committed to work, you can recharge and enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

Skill development and experience: Part time roles often provide valuable opportunities for skill development and gaining work experience. Whether it's a stepping stone into a new industry, honing specific skills, or transitioning back into the workforce after a break, part time work can offer a platform for growth and learning.

What are the benefits of compressed hours?

Extended weekends: One of the most appealing perks of compressed hours is the longer weekends. By working longer hours on fewer days, employees can enjoy an extra day or two off each week. This extended downtime means time for more relaxation, recreation, and quality time with family and friends.

Reduced commuting costs and stress: Working fewer days means fewer trips to the office, resulting in reduced commuting costs and less time spent stuck in traffic or on public transportation. This reduction in commuting stress can lead to greater overall job satisfaction and improved work-life balance.

Increased productivity: Research suggests that compressed work weeks can lead to increased productivity. With longer uninterrupted blocks of time dedicated to work, employees can focus more deeply on tasks without the interruptions that often occur in traditional workdays. This heightened focus and concentration can result in greater efficiency and productivity.

10 companies offering remote part time or compressed hours

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through job sites in search of part time remote jobs or companies open to compressed hours? Don't worry – we've got you covered! Here are 10 of the most flexible companies offering part time roles and compressed hours. These companies have our Flexa seal of approval, meaning they've been benchmarked against tens of thousands of data points and verified as  genuinely flexible places to work.

  1. CTS & CloudM:  One of the world's leading cloud transformation specialists.  Their  hybrid work approach lets employees choose when and where they work.
  2. Flume Training: A sales training organisation that  allows you to balance your work with your life commitments, for a life-affirming experience.  
  3. ProfitAbility Business Simulations:  A leading provider of game-based learning experiences, working with some of the world’s largest companies.
  4. Attractions.io: A guest-facing mobile app with a powerful operator console to give visitor attractions the ability to understand, analyse and influence their real-world experiences.
  5. HighCohesion: The go-to ecommerce integrations provider for the world’s best and fastest growing brands.
  6. Distinction:A digital product studio specialising in user research, UX/UI and software engineering. 
  7. Locum’s Nest:  A multi-award-winning software platform revolutionising the way staff are recruited in healthcare organisations.
  8. Boxclever: An award-winning market research agency that helps clients extract maximum value from customer insights. They assist with brand strategy, pricing, customer experience, segmentation, and overall marketing effectiveness.
  9. Unleashed: They help create thriving businesses and great places to work. Unleashed partner with early-stage and scaling businesses to gear them up for speedy and sustainable success through People and Culture.
  10. People & Transformational HR: A leading company in delivering innovative and transformational work solutions and HR, Organisation Design and learning products for our clients

How to find a part time job or role with compressed hours

Finding the right role for you is simple with Flexa! Our platform offers comprehensive search filters to help you discover companies open to part time roles and compressed hours. We've simplified the process into 4 simple steps to kickstart your search.

  1. Start by creating a Flexa profile to stay updated on all the companies recruiting for part-time jobs and roles with compressed hours, and even get recommendations straight to your inbox!
  2. Browse companies offering part-time and compressed hours. Check out their live feeds to get a glimpse of their work environment and follow them to receive notifications when they're hiring if they don’t have any roles available.
  3. If they are hiring, simply click on it to read the full job description and hit 'apply now' when you're ready to submit your application.
  4. If you're not ready to apply just yet, you can save the job to your profile for later.