What Do Part-Time & Compressed Hours Mean?

20th Dec 2022

Part-time work is usually described as working between one and thirty-four hours per week. On the other hand, compressed hours are when the work week is compressed into a shorter time span. For example, you might work forty hours over five days a week; this could be compressed down into four days of ten hours.

What are the benefits of part-time and compressed hours?

The main benefit of offering different working arrangements is to improve work-life blend. 

It lets employees choose how they wish to work to best suit their needs and lifestyle. Thus helping to increase loyalty, productivity, and overall happiness - whilst enabling companies to attract and retain top talent.

Why is work flexibility important?

Companies offering flexible working arrangements are more likely to outperform those that don’t. Stats show that 78% of the employees feel their productivity increases when work arrangements are flexible. And 77% consider flexible work arrangements a major consideration while applying for and evaluating job opportunities.

What companies offer part-time and compressed hours?


They’re an award-winning data management consultancy with some great benefits, including a work-from-anywhere scheme and 30 days annual leave + bank holidays. Take a look at their company page to find out more. 


Website analytics platform Leadfeeder has a long list of company benefits and an incredible 90% FlexScore. Check out their current vacancies on their company page. 

Word Monster 

With a fantastic 95% FlexScore, Word Monster values workplace flexibility. Read more about them and their employee benefits on their company page. 

The Future Collective 

They are a future-focused creative consultancy with company benefits such as summer hours and a work-from-anywhere scheme. Find out more about them on their company page. 

Instant Impact

They are reinventing the wheel across the recruitment industry and offer some great employee benefits. Find out more about their flexible working approach, company benefits and current vacancies,