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Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 1st
Core hours 11–3
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At Locum’s Nest, we are on a mission to solve the NHS staffing crisis by enabling true flexible and collaborative work for all NHS workers, from doctors to nurses, pharmacists, dentists and allied health professionals. We believe that when people can work flexibly, they can stay longer in the jobs they love, which is why we’re driven to transform flexible working in the NHS.

We asked employees of Locum’s Nest how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are very happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Company benefits

Open to part-time employees
Open to compressed hours
Enhanced maternity leave
Enhanced paternity leave
25 days annual leave + bank holidays
Work from home allowance
Choice of laptop
Competitive pension and private health insurance
Two annual company all-expenses-paid team-building trips abroad
Generous annual training allowance, including on-going training on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Substantial personal wellness budget to use at your discretion
What Locum’s Nest employees think

Mentions of

What I love most is the freedom provided for people to create and add real value to the company. Inclusion and diversity is top on the list for the leadership who they walk the talk. People feel empowered and feel that they contribute immensely having their voice heard. What a great place to work for !

Very flexible and supportive environment, something I personally highly appreciate.

Year on year it just gets better. This is a company of a lifetime, and these are hard to find!

Very satisfying to work for a company that is achieving something meaningful in the world

Our work environment is positive. I would recommend that all companies adopt the flexible working culture which makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

Nothing is off the table, any amount of flexibility is properly considered. This has allowed me to continue to lead my (complicated!) life as I need to

Locum's Nest has flexibility built as part of the DNA and culture of the company. Everyone is prepared to go the extra mile because we are always respectful of boundaries. As we grow, we are building our KPIs on being outcome focused and this is key to providing a healthy balance for us as a team so we can be successful in all aspects of our life. The wellbeing allowance each month ensures that self-care is supported and encouraged and show how Locum's Nest put their money where their mouth/beak is!

Our co-founders organise an all expenses paid trip for everyone at Locum's Nest. There is a continued commitment to improve, as we now have a personal wellness budget to use every month. There is also diversity, inclusion and equity training. Colleagues are welcomed to work from anywhere, whether this be a different country or city and can feel comfortable moving knowing that the culture of Locum's Nest is flexible.

It has been a very challenging couple of years for the whole world, yet I have felt greatly supported by Locum's Nest during this time. The management team was there for me every step of the way, listened to my concerns and discretely provided me with immediate solutions. I feel grateful to be working here!

i could wax lyrical about Locum's Nest but the proof is in the pudding and here... the pudding is incredible!

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Awards & Achievements
Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 1st

Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 1st

Industry awards 2022

About us

Locum’s Nest, the workforce technology company listed in The Telegraph’s “Top 5 ideas to save the NHS” is committed to empowering all NHS workers through its flexible working software solutions.

With the aim to solve the NHS staffing crisis, the Locum’s Nest mobile and web apps connect 60,000 healthcare professionals to vacant work in the NHS. 

Founded by two junior doctors in 2015, and carrying across the deeply rooted values of transparency, honesty and a sharp focus on patient care, Nick and Ahmed embarked on building a fantastic team of professionals, who deeply cared about our health service. Driven by the belief that silo working within the NHS was not the way forward, Locum’s Nest has unlocked the potential for tech-led workforce management across the NHS.

Since launched, our technology has matched nearly 1 million healthcare professionals to vacant shifts in hospitals and GP practices, saving our health service millions of pounds in the process by bypassing expensive recruitment agencies. Recently recognised by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies, Locum’s Nest featured for the first time on the FT1000 list and ranked 46th across all categories, 15th in the Technology category and 14th amongst UK businesses.

With our vision to increase transparency and collaboration between NHS organisations, increase engagement and retention of NHS workers, as well as improve care outcomes, Locum’s Nest pioneered the first NHS digital collaborative staff bank – an ever-growing number of NHS hospitals sharing their pool of workers.

Flexible working at Locum’s Nest

At Locum's Nest, flexibility is in our DNA – we're really passionate about being a flexible place to work. Locum’s Nest exists to provide solutions for all NHS staff to work flexibly and stay in the jobs they love. With a culture built on trust and autonomy, it's only natural that we, as a company, live by the same standards when we look at our colleagues’ working environment. 

Before the pandemic, our dog friendly offices in London welcomed our colleagues who wanted to use it, as working from home regularly was already the norm. We also have offices in Cyprus, where our buzzy engineering team is based. If you feel like a change of scenery and would like to work from the beautiful island of Cyprus (while enjoying the sun for few days!) the company will provide accommodation for the entire duration of your stay.  

In a nutshell, we don't mind where people work, when people work, or how they work. We prioritise preserving work-life balance, supporting our colleagues’ needs, while also fostering diversity, on which the company has ramped up its focus. All colleagues are offered an interactive course on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to better understand the importance and value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace by an award-winning DEI consultancy company.

What do we think of Locum’s Nest?

The anonymous employee feedback for Locum's Nest says everything one needs to know about this company. Paragraphs of employees feeling extremely lucky to work for a company which is so flexible and so open to making things work around their needs. They really enjoy working abroad if they choose to. If they have a doctor's appointment, no one even questions the need to take a couple of hours out of the day for it. One employee even spoke about being given really generous compassionate leave that they can't imagine would have been allowed at most other places. No doubt, it is this kind of flexibility, trust and understanding that heavily contributes towards a very high employee retention rate.

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At Locum's Nest, we value flexible working, autonomy, transparency and inclusivity. Through our software platform, we are dedicated to making life easier for all healthcare workers, while nurturing a cohesive multi-disciplinary team-working environment within our own company.

When we started Locum's Nest, Dr Ahmed Shahrabani and I focused on cultivating a strong ethical basis built on trust, and create a working environment where people could thrive.

Our environment is fast-paced yet kind and positive as we put a strong emphasis on protecting colleagues' work-life balance. To find out more about the people behind Locum's Nest, head over to our website.

Nicholas Andreou, NHS Doctor and Co-Founder at Locum's Nest

Awards & Achievements
Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 1st

Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 1st

Industry awards 2022

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