Flexa's Industry Awards 2023

4th Oct 2023

It’s that time of year again! We’re so excited to announce the companies featured in Flexa’s Industry Awards 2023.

Our Industry Awards celebrate those companies who offer truly remarkable EVPs. We’re talking about the businesses who are building powerful employer brands with flexibility, future-thinking and inclusion at their core: we want to help them show off their amazing work, and give them some well-deserved recognition for their efforts. 

And by categorising these companies by industry, we’re able to highlight those at the very forefront in their space – as well as providing further ease, clarity and transparency for our users. It’s a win-win!

How do we calculate the placings for the Industry Awards?

All of the companies on Flexa have gone through our rigorous verification process in order to gain their place as a Flexified® company – which means that all of them are genuinely flexible. So, how do we work out who’s the best of the best?

The first stage of Flexification is an employer quiz, where a company representative answers questions about the working environment they offer – think location, working hours, benefits and more. We then take their quiz responses and measure the company’s EVP flexibility against the market, using our Flexible Working Index (built on millions of data points). 

But we don’t just take the word of companies’ senior leadership: we ask a statistically significant segment of their employees, too. We’ve designed a short multiple choice quiz for employees which is more perception-based, and this goes out to a company’s employees if they pass the first stage of Flexification. This allows us to confirm that employees are really feeling the benefits of their company’s EVP, and that they feel trusted and empowered to work in a way that works for them. 

If a company passes both stages, they are given a FlexScore®. This is presented as a percentage, calculated based on their ways of working and the benefits they offer, which gives a holistic measure of their flexibility. This process doesn’t take long from end to end, but it means that we understand exactly what is on offer at a company, ensuring that Flexa can continue to be the source of truth when it comes to company EVPs and workplace environments. 

To calculate the placings for the Industry Awards, we divide our companies into their respective industries, and then rank them by their FlexScore® – giving an easy-to-understand overview of which companies are real trailblazers when it comes to the future of work in their area of business. 

Every single Flexified® company is, by definition, above and beyond the average flexibility offered across the world’s workplaces. So we’re celebrating each and every one of them in their respective categories!

The top companies by industry for 2023

This is what you came for. Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop in each of the industry categories for 2023.

Charity & Tech for Good

Companies in the Charity & Tech for Good space are constantly striving for a more inclusive world – so it’s no surprise to see so many of them leading the charge when it comes to building inclusive workplaces, too. 

Congratulations to Babyzone, who ranked 1st in this category! Babyzone supports parents and children with their free, accessible and good quality early years activities. They sit at the top of their category thanks to their amazing scores on location, autonomy and role modelling, together with fantastic benefits such as being open to compressed hours and job sharing.

Consumer Goods

Encompassing retail, eCommerce and more, the Consumer Goods industry isn’t typically thought of as the most flexible one. But we’re happy to report that on Flexa, we have plenty of companies in this space who are working to create truly outstanding EVPs. 

Congratulations to tails.com, who ranked 1st in this category! Changing the world of pet food for good, they combine nutrition with technology to create unique recipes for every dog. Their brilliant scores on location, autonomy and hours put them at the top of their group, together with excellent benefits such as a dog-friendly office (of course!) and enhanced maternity and paternity leave.

DeepTech, Data & AI

Whether they’re at the forefront of data analysis and research, building cutting-edge AI services, or creating brand new technologies, these companies are paving the way for the future of work. So it makes perfect sense that this category had some incredible companies fighting for the top spot.

Congratulations to Prolific, who ranked 1st in this category! Prolific are creating the most powerful and trusted platform for research on the internet, revolutionising how the world learns about people. Their success is due to their outstanding scores on location, benefits and role modelling, not to mention great benefits such as a work from home allowance and pregnancy loss leave.

EdTech & Education

Flexibility has become the new normal across this industry, with online learning bringing new life to the way we train and learn. As one of the first sectors forced to adapt during the pandemic, these companies have continued to drive forwards and adapt their workplaces to this new world.

Congratulations to Flume Training, who ranked 1st in this category! Flume is inspiring and empowering every sales professional to unlock their full potential, with sales training that actually works. They’ve topped this category because of their remarkable scores on location, role modelling and hours, along with fabulous benefits such as enhanced sick pay and health insurance.

Finance & Insurance

The Finance & Insurance industry was forced into rethinking working strategies over the pandemic, and our Flexified companies in this space have recognised how essential flexibility is to creating a strong work-life balance. Many companies in this industry still need to catch up, so it’s important to shout about those companies who are ahead of the curve.

Congratulations to GrantTree, who ranked 1st in this category! GrantTree is a trusted funding partner to the UK’s most innovative companies, eliminating the financial obstacles that prevent technology from elevating our lives. Their amazing scores on location, role modelling and autonomy placed them first in their category, together with wonderful benefits such as sabbaticals and a 4.5 day week.

HealthTech & Healthcare

The healthcare industry is renowned for its long shift patterns and often uncompromising schedules. But these innovative HealthTech companies are making it increasingly more feasible to offer healthcare providers more flexibility, which is something for us to celebrate. 

Congratulations to Oliva, who ranked 1st in this category! Oliva is an on-demand mental health platform for employees and managers, providing access to therapy, workshops and coaching. They took the number one spot due to their superb scores on location, role modelling and hours, together with marvellous benefits such as a work from anywhere scheme and a work from home allowance.

Media & Agencies

The introduction of flexible working policies has been growing within the Media & Agency world ever since the pandemic. And it’s particularly impressive to see what the Flexified® companies in this industry are up to, as they continue to prioritise flexibility at the core of their EVP.

Congratulations to Distinction, who ranked 1st in this category! Distinction is an independent and autonomous digital studio, making digital experiences people love to use. Their success here is because of their stellar scores on location, benefits and hours, along with impressive benefits such as fertility treatment leave and being open to part-time employees.

Professional Services

From law firms to design consultants, from IT solutions to translation services: the variety of companies in this category just goes to demonstrate that the power of a flexible EVP can truly be harnessed across a massive range of businesses.

Congratulations to Amplifi, who ranked 1st in this category! Amplifi is an award-winning data management consultancy and system integrator, connecting data and people to realise the true value of information. They made their way to the top of the category thanks to their admirable scores on location, autonomy and role modelling, alongside terrific benefits such as enhanced maternity and paternity leave and a work from anywhere scheme.

Recruitment & HRTech

The recruitment and HRTech industry is worth billions and is projected to grow considerably over the next few years. To maintain this growth, the industry needs to stay ahead of the game, putting EVP and benefits front and centre in their hiring processes to attract and retain talented candidates: and these companies are doing just that. 

Congratulations to JBM, who ranked 1st in this category! JBM is on a mission to disrupt the traditional recruitment model, building authentic relationships and bringing together a diverse mix of people. They won their category because of their first-rate scores on work-life balance, location and autonomy, as well as tremendous benefits including a 4-day week and unlimited annual leave.

SaaS & Software

Not only are the companies in the SaaS and Software industry seeing the benefits of flexible working for themselves, but many of them are also innovating software and solutions which make remote and asynchronous working easier for other businesses.

Congratulations to Filtered, who ranked 1st in this category! Filtered is a learning tech company that helps organisations get the best return on their L&D spend by unlocking the power of their learning content. They sit at the top of their category thanks to a set of sterling scores on location, hours and role modelling, alongside top-tier benefits such as company shutdown periods and adoption leave.

Travel & Transport

Some of these companies are revolutionising how people get from A to B, while others are reinventing what holidays look like. And as well as enabling their customers to live and work more flexibly, they’re prioritising this for their employees, too.

Congratulations to Seatfrog, who ranked 1st in this category! Seatfrog is a one-stop shop for rail travel, allowing users to buy train tickets, upgrade existing tickets, or swap trains if plans change. Their exceptional scores on location, autonomy and role modelling, together with some cracking benefits such as a 4-day week and tax-free childcare, put them at the top of their group.