3–4 days/week at home

9-day fortnight

Dog friendly

3–4 days/week at home
9-day fortnight
Dog friendly


To change the world of pet food for good.

Founded in 2013, we combine our experience in nutrition with cutting-edge technology to create unique recipes for every dog.

We asked employees of tails.com how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are very happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Company benefits

Enhanced maternity leave – up to 6 months at 70% pay
Enhanced paternity leave – up to 6 months at 70% pay
Adoption leave – up to 6 months at 70% pay
Shared parental leave – up to 6 months at 70% pay
Work from anywhere scheme – work from abroad 2 weeks every 6 months.
25 days annual leave + bank holidays
9-day fortnight
Dog friendly office
In 2023 we will trial a 9/10 day working week, meaning every other Friday off to enhance your wellbeing without a reduction in pay or leave allowance.
In house L&D team, with access to year round courses to help drive your development.
Health insurance for you, paid by tails.com (starting mid 2023) & discounted gym membership.
An external financial coach to support a range of topics such as debt management, savings and investments.
Optional 5 days unpaid leave and 1 paid volunteer day each year.
What tails.com employees think

Mentions of

I truly value the trust-based environment we've built at tails.com.

Tails.com excel at celebrating individuality in ways of working. Both in working styles and in flexible working. There's a real culture of acceptance and wellbeing - whilst striving to create efficient and productive working patterns.

Everyone is genuinely lovely, even across the wider business - we all really care about dogs too!

I appreciate that there's flexibility around working times, location and processes if needed.

Without question, the best employer I've ever worked for.

I applied to work remotely last year so I get the benefits of working in another part of the country and have a warm welcome in the office when I visit once a month. All of our meetings are fully hybrid so I never feel like I miss anything.

We also have a 'working abroad' benefit which allows us to work remotely from another country for up to 4 weeks per year. It's such a good way to spend more time with friends and family or explore a different way of living and working!

I feel so lucky to finally be working for a company that shows its appreciation for its employees. Aside from the fantastic company benefits they treat us with trust and respect and make me feel like I can bring my whole self to work every day.

The company have really taken the time to think about our new benefit package to ensure everyone has true work-life-balance!

I love having a dog friendly office. The biggest benefit is that everyone loves your dog. If you have a really stressful day there is always a happy dog more than happy to give you a cuddle. There are always volunteers to walk your dog if you have back to back meetings. The office is amazing and our facilities team are 11/10!

I joined not long ago and therefore, haven't really needed to request a lot of the stretch on flexibility yet, but so far I'm overall happy.

Tails is just such a fantastic, happy place to work - amazing people, great flexibility, interesting work and a brilliant work-life balance. You couldn't ask for more!

Tails.com constantly listens to its pack members to find out what is important to them and is not afraid to trial different arrangements to understand what works best for all of us. For example, hybrid working and returning to the office, we tried a variety of options before settling on something that works both for the business and pack members and we have stuck with it and not reverted on our commitment. Now we are trialling working 9 days out of 10, where we have off every other Friday.

We are given freedom and trust in our roles and complete flexibility in our working day to ensure that you get the right balance and you don't miss out on those things that are important to you, whether it's going to the gym, walking your dog or doing the school run.

Our social calendar has adapted as our team has grown to ensure that it's inclusive of everyone, recognising not everyone enjoys going to the pub and ensuring that there is something for everyone, from cross stich, to murder mystery, having your nails painted or just going down the pub. It is an inclusive, flexible, brilliant company to work for and more companies should follow suit.

Tails.com has just introduced a 9 day working fortnight (on a trial basis) as they truly care about their staff's work/life balance. I feel so grateful and lucky to be working for a company like this and who place their trust in us that we will still get the job done.

It's a fun and relaxed environment, effort is put into the small details that make a difference, like socials, snacks and lunches, themed events - like watching the world cup together.

Wether you're office-based or remote-based, the flexible culture is really great, and socials are always organised keeping everyone in mind (so you don't feel left out if you're at home). We have a great working environment, where managers trust us, and it's great to be able to choose the hours that work best for us as we manage our time ourselves.

Tails.com is great. I always feel motivated with our 9-day fortnight, and everyone is driven towards the same vision.

The biggest benefit of working at tails.com is that you are treated like an adult, which isn't always the shinest thing to put on the career page but it makes the biggest difference to my day to day life. I am trusted to managed my day and time as needed, and with a young family that is such a key benefit.

Incredible flexibility, great constructive feedback culture but also ownership of your own development. Colleagues are all lovely people, haven't met yet anyone difficult to work with.

Tails.com is a great place to work, there is lots of flexibility and if you think something could be better you are empowered to speak up about it.

Happy with the introduction of a 9 days fortnight work pattern for staff wellbeing.

Working at tails.com

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Office locations

HQ Richmond, Factories in Heathrow and Amstelveen

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United Kingdom

About us

Since 2013, we have set out to improve the lives of pets and their owners. Ten years later, there’s four hundred of us working across five sites and two countries, trying to change the world of pet food for good. We produce physical products, digital products and platforms in an innovative and unique environment.

Our colleagues tell us it's our culture that makes tails.com a great place to work. Whether you love pets or not, choosing to work here means you can truly be yourself in a role that will allow you to develop and do the best work of your life.

Flexible working at tails.com

We understand the importance of being a flexible business and work hard to help our employees experience the right work-life blend.

With this in mind, we have various benefits that support this. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, we want you to work within hours that fit your lifestyle, whilst also supporting your team. We offer a flexible start time for most employees between 7am-10am, and a flexible finish time of 4pm-7pm. Our Customer Experience phone teams have flexible hours between a start time of 8am-9am and finish time of 5pm- 6pm to make sure we can give our customer great support.

Many of us have embraced the ability to work from different places over the last few years, and to enable that at tails.com we have a work from abroad benefit, giving our team the opportunity to work from a different country for up to 2 weeks every 6 months. 

A new and exciting benefit we are currently trialing is a 9/10 day fortnight, meaning that every other Friday we give as many team members as possible a day off for their wellbeing, without a change in pay and leave allowance. Some use this day to decompress, some do life admin, some even use them to fly a plane.

Flexible working means something different for everyone. We know that one benefit won’t suit us all, and so we have tried to find as many game changing ways as possible to help folks be their best selves at work and at home.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We want every member of our pack to feel comfortable bringing their full self to work. We’re proud of the wide range of experiences, insights and backgrounds that make up tails.com and we know they’re key to us being a better business.

We are on a mission to change the world of pet food for good and our team is our most important asset in achieving this. We have always aimed to create a culture where everyone feels free to bring their whole self to work and we are very proud of our overall gender balance, including 50% female representation within our Senior Team.. 

We want to give everyone a fair chance to join us in changing the world of pet food for good. We do this by conducting a structured recruitment process for all candidates, as well as actively promoting our roles to communities that are under-represented at tails.com. 

During your interview process, you’ll meet some of our team with varying levels of responsibility and experience. We want to give every candidate a fair interview process and if you need any reasonable adjustments made, please let us know.

Once you start tails.com, you can join any of our various D&I focus groups such as our LGBT+, or Neurodiversity, or participate in an inclusion session where we focus on how we can build connectedness with each other.  

What do we think of tails.com?

We were excited to see tails.com go through the Flexification process. It's not often we flexibility being embraced by the FMCG industry. So we were excited to see a leading brand in tails.com undertake the Flexification process. Offering a Hybrid setup tails.com's employees clearly love their working set-up too with a huge 93% location score. Backed up by a hugely impressive 90% for hours. tails.com have a great work-life balance.

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I am Kayleigh, Talent Acquisition Manager here at tails.com. If you are looking for a business that offers great career opportunities and development, while truly looking out for your wellbeing, you are in the right place.

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