Flexible Working Industry Awards 2022

21st Sep 2022

The time is here! We’re delighted to announce the Flexa ‘flexible working industry awards 2022’. We’re celebrating companies who offer truly flexible working environments, helping to give them the recognition they deserve. 

Due to popular demand from our users, we have separated our Flexified companies into 12 different industries, in order to provide further clarity and transparency over which companies are the most flexible. 

How are the flexible working industry awards calculated?

All companies on Flexa have gone through a rigorous process in order to gain their coveted “Flexified” status, which means that all companies on Flexa are genuinely flexible. So, how does it work?

The first stage of Flexification is an employer quiz. We have taken millions of data points and combined them into a flexible working index that measures how flexible companies are against the market. This assessment includes benchmarking location, hours, benefits, and key cultural indicators to ensure that a company is offering a great working environment.

But we don’t just take companies’ words for it, we ask their employees too. We designed a short multiple choice quiz for employees that takes millions more data points into consideration. This is more perception based, to ensure that companies offer a working environment where people feel supported and able to work in a way that allows them to thrive and experience adequate autonomy and trust. 

All of this data is then combined into two FlexScores, both of which have to reach above 50% in order to be above average in terms of flexibility. It’s a quick process, but it means that we understand exactly what is on offer at a company, and means Flexa is the source of truth when it comes to flexible working environments. 

For the Industry awards, we have ranked our companies by an average of their FlexScores and pulled them into categories to make it easy to understand which companies are leading the charge when it comes to the future of work. 

Every single Flexified company is above and beyond the average flexibility offered, so we’re celebrating them all in their respective categories!

The most flexible companies 2022

We’re bringing you the most flexible companies grouped into their respective industries. Let’s take a look at the industry categories and present to you the incredible winners of each. 

Flexible companies in the AI & VR industry

The AI and VR industry is growing rapidly. With workplace infrastructures and new technologies, they’re helping to pave the way for the future of work. It’s no surprise that this category had some incredible companies fighting for the top spot.

Congratulations, Papercup! They are championing this industry with their flexible working hybrid model. They offer some great benefits from enhanced maternity and paternity leave to unlimited annual leave. They strive to be inclusive and encourage employees to show up as themselves; why not also take a look at the rest of the category here!

Flexible companies in the Charity and Tech For Good industry

Truly flexible working can help charities to attract a higher calibre of talent and support a more inclusive culture; helping to remove many barriers which currently exist in this sector. Flexibility is the pillar of diversity, enquiry and inclusion (DEI) and we have some fantastic Charities and Tech For Good companies leading the way. This industry is currently one of the smallest, likely due to the current barriers in place. We do hope to see more companies adapt and see the true value of flexible working. 

Congratulations to Blood Cancer UK who are the winners within this industry; with their fully flexible working hours and a long list of incredible benefits, this win is well deserved. 

Flexible companies in the Consultancy and Agency industry

The introduction of flexible working policies has been growing within the Consultancy and Agency world. It’s impressive to see what the companies in this industry are up to; it's one to keep an eye on for the future too. 

Rival heads up this category, taking the number one spot; they have an employee FlexScore of 100% and a company FlexScore of 95%. Take a look at the rest of this category.

Flexible companies in EdTech and Education

Flexibility has become the new normal across the Education industry with online learning bringing a new life to how Education is delivered across schools, colleges and universities. The pandemic prompted the overall shift, and companies in the EdTech and Education sectors have adapted. 

Primary PPA Cover takes the win in this industry, they have an endless list of benefits from dog-friendly offices; to unlimited annual leave, enhanced parental leave, a work from anywhere scheme, and summer hours. 

Flexible companies in Finance and Insurance 

The Finance and Insurance industry was forced into rethinking working strategies over the pandemic. With more and more data coming to light highlighting the benefits of flexible working, the industry has recognised it is essential for maintaining work-life balance. Many companies in this industry still need to catch up, but there are some fantastic companies already prioritising flexible working options as a core benefit. 

Congratulations to Humn on the win across this industry. Humn prioritises being a flexible workplace and holds an impressive employee and company FlexScore. They have some really great benefits, including fully flexible working hours. 

Flexible companies in HealthTech and Healthcare 

The healthcare industry is renowned for its long-shift patterns, but there has always been a degree of flexibility with evening, weekend and part-time positions. The need for further flexibility in the industry is key to maintaining a better work-life blend and there are some amazing companies offering just that. 

Very well done to Locum’s Nest who take the win here. The company is listed in The Telegraph’s “Top 5 ideas to save the NHS” and is fully committed to empowering all NHS workers through its flexible working software solutions.

Flexible companies in the Media industry

More and more companies within the media industry are seeing the benefits of 

flexible working and the need for offering benefits that employees actually want; helping to retain and attract top talent. Flexified companies in the Media industry are showing the industry how it’s done. 

Gaming company, Stakester takes 1st place in this smaller industry category. They offer some fantastic employee benefits, very well done. We hope to see this industry grow before next year's awards to give them some more competition. 

Flexible companies in Recruitment and HRTech 

The recruitment and HRTech industry is worth billions and is projected to grow considerably over the next few years. To maintain growth, the industry needs to stay ahead, putting benefits at the forefront of its hiring process to attract and retain talented candidates. 

A big congratulations to Unleashed for a well-deserved win. Their flexible working approach and efforts to ensure they are diverse and inclusive is great to see. Get the inside scoop on Unleashed and find out what it’s really like to work for them. 

Flexible companies in the Research and Data industry

Another industry embracing flexible working is the Research and Data sector which is one of the most flexible and fast-growing industries. Take a look at the companies operating within this industry. 

Prolific takes 1st place across this industry. They’re passionate about creating and maintaining a flexible work environment. They have some fantastic benefits such as a £1000 yearly budget for education, growth, and training, summer hours, and much more.

Flexible companies in Retail and ECommerce 

Flexible working within this industry has been attractive, with the opportunity for casual, part-time, evening and weekend work. With more retailers than ever before solely operating online, rather than in traditional stores, this has led to the growth within the ECommerce space with more opportunities to work flexibly. 

Let’s congratulate Tilt on their win. They offer employees some great flexible working arrangements around location and hours. They are fully remote, offer a work from anywhere scheme and unlimited annual leave. Flexified companies in this sector, offer some fantastic benefits and flexible working arrangements; take a look at who they are. 

Flexible companies in the SaaS and Development Software industry

The SaaS and software development industry promote workplace flexibility. The technology, software and solutions for remote working are readily available, making this transition a little easier. They've seen the benefits flexible working has to offer through quicker processing and the lower costs associated with it. Take a look at the incredible companies within this category. 

Whereby have impressive FlexScores and some great employee benefits, we congratulate them on taking the win for being the most flexible company in the Saas and Development Software industry. Take a look at who the full list here.

Flexible companies travel and transport industry 

The travel industry is a popular sector to find flexible jobs, but employees have highlighted the need for further embrace workplace flexibility, benefits and job security in order to retain and attract top talent. Take a look at some of the most flexible companies within the travel and transport industry.

Congratulations SilverRail Technologies on taking 1st place. They have fully flexible working hours and a long list of employee benefits, from sabbaticals, share options, enhanced maternity and paternity leave and much more.