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We're here to beat blood cancer. Formerly known as Bloodwise.

Blood Cancer UK


We are here to beat blood cancer in a generation.

Remote-first – With Office Locations

Fully flexible hours

We asked employees of Blood Cancer UK how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 77 employee responses

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are very happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Benefits spotlight

Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
Enhanced maternity leave – Our maternity/shared parental/adoption offer is 12 weeks at full pay, 12 weeks at half pay, followed by 15 weeks at the statutory rate.
Enhanced paternity leave – Our paternity leave offer is 6 weeks at full pay.
Adoption leave
Shared parental leave
Work from anywhere scheme – For the vast majority of our roles, there is no requirement to work from one of our offices. We meet up as an organisation at 2-4 in-person events each year, such as all-staff away days.
30 days annual leave + bank holidays
Enhanced sick pay – Our enhanced sick pay offer is: Up to two years’ service: 4 weeks full pay and 4 weeks half pay After two years’ service: 12 weeks full pay and 12 weeks half pay
Pregnancy loss leave
Fertility treatment leave
Teambuilding days

Employee reviews

Blood Cancer UK's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

I really love working for Blood Cancer UK, and the approach to remote working, benefits, and culture is a major factor in that. There aren't many workplaces that offer you the chance to be entirely remote, I live very far away from the main office and have faced no pressure or expectation to work from there. I find things are very well set up to manage hybrid working effectively, with all meetings still sitting virtually.

I think they offer generous annual leave, I feel that I can be trusted to take time to attend personal appointments without the need to raise it, and I think the focus and wellbeing days offered are a great addition. Benefits starting from day one makes you feel very welcome, and secure. I feel well looked after by my employer.

The option of working from any geographical site is a massive bonus.

Blood Cancer UK really cares about it's employees and I feel very well looked after!

The flexibility that Blood Cancer UK offer is amazing and it's one of the main reasons I would like to keep working here. You are supported in trying different work patterns to work out the best way to achieve a great work/life balance.

I live outside of London and the office, if I chose to work there, is in central London which is expensive to get to and 2 hours door to door to commute. So being able to work from home is perfect for me. It also means that my work/life balance is great. Having commuted into London for a previous job 4 days a week, I would not return to that now that companies are much more flexible in order to employ the best person for the job - irrespective of where they are based.

I love working at Blood Cancer UK as it is an inclusive environment where your individual expertise is respected and nourished. My line manager listens to my thoughts and feedback and I feel wholeheartedly cares about my well-being.

I am exceptionally lucky to work for such a modern thinking organisation. Our flexible and agile working has enabled us to recruit people from outside London and the south east, with different perspectives and life experience, which would have been impossible when we were all office based.

Great and flexible environment - really keen to support people to do their best work however it works for them. They also prioritise people's mental health which is really refreshing. Best place I've ever worked and don't see myself going anywhere else.

I've seen the culture develop massively in a positive way during the time I've worked here. I feel my colleagues for the most part, are happy in their roles which also has an infectious imprint on how I feel working for this organisation. I feel extremely grateful to not only be part of this growth, but as an active contributor of it.

Our organisation focuses on delivering outcomes for the people we serve, and does not focus on traditional attendance (Monday to Friday, 9 to 5) and / or sitting in an office. As long as you are delivering your objectives and maintaining our high performance positive culture, you have flexibility and great work life balance. We have generous annual leave, wellbeing days, focus days but most importantly we have a culture that is supportive, positive and enables you to thrive in this organisation.

It's a wonderful place to work, inclusive, supportive and passionate in our goals

Working at Blood Cancer UK

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London and Edinburgh

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United Kingdom

Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2024
3rd – Charity & Tech For Good

3rd – Charity & Tech For Good

Industry awards 2023
Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2023
1st – Charity & Tech For Good

1st – Charity & Tech For Good

Industry awards 2022

About us

Since 1960, we've invested over £500 million in blood cancer research, transforming treatments and saving lives. We're a community dedicated to beating blood cancer by funding research and supporting those affected.

We started because of Susan, we’ll get there because of you.

Blood Cancer UK was started by one family who lost their daughter, Susan, to blood cancer, and that history and sense of family continues to shape who we are today.

And we’re not that far away from beating blood cancer. We’re confident we can do it within the next generation, and this makes us hugely ambitious and gives us a sense of real urgency. It also means we’re changing quickly as an organisation as we constantly challenge ourselves and strive to become more and more effective. This pace of change means working here isn’t for everyone. But if you’re excited by the chance to work in a fast-paced, agile and supportive environment with the focus and ambition to beat blood cancer this could be the place for you! We focus on results rather than time spent at desk, so we deliver more for people affected by blood cancer.

We have world-class staff engagement levels, and we're really pleased to have been accredited by Best Companies as an employer with 'world class' levels of staff engagement because it means people working here are able to do their best work in supporting people affected by blood cancer. We were named the 9th best charity to work for in 2021. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in making our values central to what we do as a charity.

Flexible working at Blood Cancer UK

We use an agile way of working to help deliver more for people with blood cancer. We have offices in London and Edinburgh, but we remain a remote-first, flexible employer.

Working agile means we changed from having a culture where people are expected to be in the office from 9am to 5pm to one where we’re much more focused on what they deliver. We've built a positive culture where autonomy, trust, wellbeing, and flexibility allow us to recruit and retain the very best people. Agile working means we can all balance trust and autonomy with responsibility and accountability. For the vast majority of our roles, there is no requirement to work from one of our offices. We meet up as an organisation at 2-4 in-person events each year, such as all-staff away days.

In summary, flexible working at Blood Cancer UK is vital - we create spaces for our staff to do their best work in a place and space that suits them, their team and the organisation.

For the majority of roles, your contractual place of work will be one of our offices. Very few of our roles require staff to work from an office, and so individuals are able to choose where they wish to live. And because we pay you for the role you do, not where you choose to live or work, we only have one pay scale rather than regional variances.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We are committed to actively promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Our approach

We are actively trying to increase the diversity of our staff team. We try to reduce as many barriers as we can for those with a disability. On our website, you can find some examples of how we try to do this automatically, including for hearing or sight impairments, neurodiversity, stammer/stutter, mental health, mobility impairment, cancer, and photosensitive epilepsy/absence seizures.

We know that everyone is an individual, so please always tell us what we can do to support you. Here is what we will always do:

  1. share interview questions with you in advance
  2. ensure our panel have good light in the room they are in
  3. let you know who you will meet at your interview
  4. offer a familiarity session on Teams software if you have not used this before

Our brand and our recruitment system (Pinpoint) meet double A accessibility standards.

We welcome approaches from individuals from underrepresented groups, including those from minoritised communities, and those with a disability, to better reflect the community we serve and help broaden our perspectives.

We use a blind shortlisting process for initial applications. This means that when you apply, the hiring manager cannot see any of your personal details, for example, your name, your contact details, or any equality and diversity data that you provide.

We're part of the Show the Salary campaign, and so all of our vacancies will show the salary or salary range we are able to offer for each role. We will never ask you to share your current salary details with us.

Disability Confident Scheme

Blood Cancer UK is a Disability Confident Employer, which means that we seek to provide a workspace which supports the needs of people with disabilities and support the government scheme that promotes the benefits of recruiting and retaining people with disabilities.

What do we think of Blood Cancer UK?

It's great to work with charities, they play an important part in society. It was a pleasure to work with Blood Cancer UK. The team were very detailed in their approach to flexible working. The transparency and response to the survey results is clear with a fantastic 95% employer and 88% employee score. These scores reflect their commitment to flexibility, and we're delighted to celebrate that here at Flexa.

If you're looking to work within the charity sector, or within an organisation with an important mission, then Blood Cancer UK is the place for you.

Meet who might be hiring you

When you join Blood Cancer UK, you don’t just become an organisational employee – you become part of a collaborative community dedicated to funding research into beating blood cancer that includes some of the most inspiring people you’ll ever meet. We have a great benefits package, and we provide support for all our employees.

Our agile way of working is a key part of what makes us different- we care more about results than time spent in the office. Our values guide our decision making and our behaviours, and we’ll ask you about these at interview stage. Our values are:

  • Striving for results: We are determined, focused on a clear vision. We are motivated, practical and passionate to do all we can to make the lives of those affected by blood cancer better and to ultimately find a cure for blood cancers.
  • United as a family: We are one caring family. We work together to raise funds and awareness, to inform and look after people affected by blood cancer. We value each other’s contribution. We work as one.
  • Standing in other's shoes: We have empathy, we listen, we see things from the perspective of others. We take ownership to address issues and solve problems. We do all we can to help and support others.
  • Making knowledge count: We are experts in our field. We share our knowledge and use our expertise to help get the best outcomes for those affected by blood cancer. We build understanding.

Jessica Badley, Head of HR and OD at Blood Cancer UK

Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2024
3rd – Charity & Tech For Good

3rd – Charity & Tech For Good

Industry awards 2023
Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2023
1st – Charity & Tech For Good

1st – Charity & Tech For Good

Industry awards 2022

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