Get the recognition you deserve as a flexible employer

68% of companies don’t outwardly publicise their flexibility. Being verified by Flexa means that you can be discovered as a great place to work

  • Millions of top-quality candidates are looking for flexibility in their next role

    Flexification is the only accreditation for flexibility, letting candidates know that you are a truly flexible employer.

    With only 40% of companies set to offer truly flexible working post-pandemic, there’s never been a more crucial time to stand out from the crowd.

  • Passing Flexa’s accreditation shows that you are a company worth working for

    Plenty of companies claim that they operate a flexible working environment, but not many actually do. In fact, a significant proportion of companies who take our benchmarking do not pass.

    Showcase your flexibility on a platform that is specifically designed for the needs of flexible companies.

Flexified companies get access to a whole host of tools

Our Flexified seal of approval

Candidates look for this when they are looking for a flexible company. Our partners put this on their careers pages, job descriptions, footers, and even in their email signatures.

Showcase your company culture

A company page to showcase what a great place you are to work. The way that candidates look for jobs is changing, and working environment is becoming paramount.

Employer branding marketing

We handle your employer branding for you by publicising our partner companies through all social channels, running monthly content collaborations, and company features.

  • Most flexible companies campaigns

    Twice a year, we release our most flexible companies list with the companies leading the flexible working revolution. It’s even covered by the press.

  • “Flexification is exactly aligned to what we want to be - and what candidates need”.

    Marie Krebs, People Ops at Learnerbly

Sounds great, so how do I get Flexified?

You can either book a call to find out more or follow the onboarding instructions below to start your journey towards improved employer brand, better D&I and stronger hiring power.

  • 01

    Take the quiz

    If you are awarded with the Flexa accreditation (Flexification), you can better appeal to top tier talent looking for flexibility, as we are the only place to go to find truly flexible companies.

    Take the employers quiz to see if you score above the pass mark of 60%

  • 02

    Provide us with email addresses to verify

    We want to verify that a company is truly flexible with employees who have no vested interest in hiring. We send an employee survey to a minimum of three employees for their opinion on your company's working environment. Please send us a minimum of five employee email addresses so that we can ensure the integrity of the platform is upheld.

  • 03

    Help us build your company page

    Your Flexa company page is a place to showcase what an awesome company you are. We build most of it for you, but there are a few things that aren’t publicly available.

  • 04

    You’re officially Flexified!

    Being verified by us comes with a whole host of benefits. From our stamp of approval through to our bi-annual publications, we’ve thought of dozens of different ways to help our Flexified partners to stand out from the crowd.

    You’ll start receiving monthly emails with employer branding opportunities to get involved in, and keep an eye out for social posts where you’re tagged in. Flexification is something to be proud of, so share away :)

Why you need to join

Get noticed

Thousands of candidates come to Flexa looking for companies that offer flexible working. Our detailed company profiles will help you stand out.

Be believable

Flexa verification means that candidates trust what you say, as we’re an independent third-party on a mission to bring flexible working to everyone.

Attract talent

Many companies don’t showcase their flexible working environment, but they should do! 92% of candidates are looking for flexibility in their next role.

Find out today if you’re eligible to get Flexified and hire through Flexa.

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