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4 days/week at home • A little flex time

This week, everyone at Multiverse came together to celebrate the start of our financial year with our annual Company Kick Off.

- We heard from Euan, Anna, Gary, Ujjwal and many more about our direction for the coming year, our grounding principles, and what we’re shooting for 💫
- Our favourite double-act, Naaman and Rich, presented the awards for our annual Dance-Off competition 🕺
- And of course we celebrated our Values Champions, congratulations to Michael Mander, Amy Long, Seb Bowerman, William Cronje, Ryan Dant, Hannah Siaw an...

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4 days/week at home • A little flex time

Last week, some of our incredible crew attended the 2020 Levels job fair 🎇. 2020 Levels is a youth organisation empowering Black & racially underrepresented young people through opportunities to maximise their potential.

The #Virginmediao2 team helped review CVs and shared our organisation's story during a panel talk. One highlight was hearing from Sam Igwe, who went from being a graduate of their programme to becoming a Senior Scrum Master with us. What an awesome journey. 🎤

It's these events that bring talent and stories togeth...

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4 days/week at home • A little flex time • Dog friendly

At Attest hiring inclusively is key to our hiring strategy and for this to be successful, we know that our hiring managers have to be true DEI champions.

Hear about how we have built such an inclusive hiring culture by joining an Otta hosted webinar through the link below


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2 days/week at home • A little flex time

"We Are Lifelong Learners" is one of the most significant company values for our colleague Marina from Latvia. 🎓📖 It also finds a way into her personal life: "I'm always eager to learn. I study multiple languages as a hobby and am seeking opportunities to further my studies in Linguistics, aspiring to pursue a Master's degree," she adds. #LifeAtTranscom

Employee advocacyLearning and development
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2 days/week at home • A little flex time

Meet our dear colleague - Caroline! She saw an advertisement, and thought it seemed interesting, so she chose to apply. She is currently one of our customer service agents and an important part of our Transcom team as well. 🌟

Some of her daily tasks include answering calls at ice customer service, helping customers with questions about their subscriptions, selling phones or helping answer questions regarding invoices. 📞💼

When it comes to what she would recommend to others who are thinking of applying to Transcom, she definitely r...

Employee advocacy
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Remote-first • A little flex time

At TUI, our biggest asset is our global team! Meet Kathia, a Senior Account Manager within our Product and Engagement team. We asked Kathia what she loves about working at TUI, and this is what she said:

“I interact with people from more than 10 nationalities on a daily basis. It’s awesome because everyone brings something different to the table, different ideas, experiences, perspectives. You get to see things from different angles that you might not have seen otherwise, plus you learn new ways of doing things and have fun doing it...

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4 days/week at home • A little flex time

We have Elites in our ranks...!

The Elite Awards, hosted by Wiser Elite, recognise the very best in UK Sales.

We are delighted to share that four Multiversers have earned their place in the Top 5 of their respective categories!

🤝 Shwetal Shah in Customer Success
🙋 Flavia Brown in Sales Leadership
And not one, but two in the Account Executives category!
Sebastian Bowerman and Rhys Westall 💥

Having Multiversers from all parts of our Sales org is a huge testament to the strength of our team and its leaders. Good luck at the awards...

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4 days/week at home • A little flex time

Welcome to Anna, Kerry and the team at Searchlight, a Californian AI firm, who join Multiverse this week! 🚀

Read more about how this acquisition will supercharge our ability to identify, analyze, and close skills gaps within organizations ↓

#Multiverse #AI #FutureofWork #Acquisition

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3 days/week at home • Dog friendly

We are proud to announce that our incredible partnership with Action Against Hunger UK has awarded us
'The Most Innovative Partner' at Action Against Hunger’s latest partners event on 29th of March.
Congratulations to all our team members, & a special shout out to Maëva Salzet, who work every day to make this partnership possible!

In 2023 alone, we have raised an incredible €321,000.

#csr #awardwinning

Charity and volunteering
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2 days/week at home • A little flex time

At Transcom, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and we take proud in celebrating the unique backgrounds, traditions and perspectives of our global community. 🫂
As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, we can proudly say that many of our clusters came together to celebrate and honor those beliefs.

"Delegating rooms for our Muslim colleagues to be able to respect their beliefs was an easy decision. Inclusion is more than a concept, we need to show that everyone is equally respected and that their beliefs matter....

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