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WorkFlex believes in flexibility without the headache. We enable companies to offer Work-From-Anywhere schemes without compliance risks and fully cover business travel liability.


Fully flexible hours

We asked employees of WorkFlex how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 48 employee responses

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are very happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Additional employee ratings
(these do not contribute to the FlexScore®)

Employees feel that the diversity, and the efforts to improve and maintain it, are great
Employees feel like the company culture is brilliantly inclusive and equitable
Employees feel like it is a really great environment to work in
Employees feel very excited about and aligned with the company mission
Employees feel that their salary is good and matches the value they bring

Benefits spotlight

Work from anywhere scheme
Flexible working week
Gym membership
Equity packages
Teambuilding days
Travel insurance
Wellbeing allowance
Co-working space allowance
Hofy home office set up
Religious celebration leave
Company wide holidays/offsites
What's great about WorkFlex
Mission and vision
  • Improving quality of life/health

    Improving quality of life/health

  • Tech for good

    Tech for good

  • Automation


  • Fast-paced


  • Fun


  • Collaborative


Our company environment
  • Career progression led

    Career progression led

    Outstanding work and contribution is mainly recognised by career progression and promotions at WorkFlex
  • Regularly benchmarked/readjusted salary

    Regularly benchmarked/readjusted salary

    WorkFlex regularly benchmark and readjust their salaries against the market so you know you’re always getting a fair wage
  • Learning and development focused

    Learning and development focused

    Learning and development is an important part of WorkFlex's ethos and this is demonstrated through a range of benefits which support this

Employee reviews

WorkFlex's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

The company is really good and the working environment is super nice, you have the space to innovate and come up with new ideas (and actually have your feedback heard!)

You will meet a lot of nice people and the environment is super inclusive

I never had a work life balance like at WorkFlex before

I love WorkFlex because we’re literally living our product!

Workflex is the new way of working! I haven’t had a better work-life-balance before - we can do whenever and however we want to do our work, as long as it’s done.

I love how supportive everyone is, I love being able to choose when I want to work, I love being able to work from anywhere, and I love the company mission: to help others work from anywhere as well.

We're living our product! WorkFlex is changing the way of working and allows employees to work from anywhere at any time

Working at WorkFlex

Company employees


Gender diversity (male:female)


Hiring Countries



About us

We are making remote work possible

Over the past few years, the way we work has undergone a massive shift. Time and place are no longer barriers to getting things done, thanks to the rise of remote work. The freedom to work from anywhere can greatly improve productivity and job satisfaction by providing employees with a better work-life balance. And yet, many employers are still hesitant to offer workations due to concerns about compliance and administrative burden. ​ That's where WorkFlex comes in. Our software is designed to make it easy for companies to offer temporary work from abroad, while our team of international lawyers ensures that everything is compliant and above board. With WorkFlex, users don't have to worry about a thing – our automated software takes care of everything. This means employees can enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere without putting a burden on HR or legal teams.​​

Flexible working at WorkFlex

At WorkFlex, we embrace remote work wholeheartedly. Our work force spans across 25+ countries, embodying a truly global team. With our unique approach, we allow up to 183 days of workation annually, empowering our employees to blend work with their travel aspirations. Depending on your role, working hours can be asynchronous, offering flexibility tailored to your needs. We prioritize inclusion and collaboration across time zones, ensuring that every team member feels valued and connected, no matter where they choose to work.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords at WorkFlex; they are fundamental pillars of our company culture and business philosophy. We are hiring people internationally and work a-synch to offer highest flexibility for best inclusivity - our product enables Workations around the globe to help companies reaching the same. Embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment isn't just the right thing to do— it's also crucial for driving innovation, creativity and success in today's dynamic marketplace.

What do we think of WorkFlex?

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know WorkFlex during the onboarding process. We love their mission to make remote work as easy as possible. Their team clearly love working for them - they believe in autonomy, inclusivity and working asynchronously. Given the freedom and the amount of benefits their staff have, it's unsurprising that they have such a high FlexScore!

If you're looking for a company who practices what they preach and values work/life balance and- check out WorkFlex!

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While learning a lot, you will be given space and autonomy. You will experience accountability and ownership. Our values include transparency and entrepreneurship. We value individuality, and most important thing because we work asynchronously we really double down on communication - so for me, Workflex is a great place to be because it’s constantly open to change and people have a voice and can contribute to the direction that their team takes, the company takes and it’s a place where people feel valued for their input and who they are, not just their output.

Behind the scenes at WorkFlex

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