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We are working closely with independent representatives from the livestock industry, government and academia on our service design, ensuring that users will get the best experience from our new services. We also work with counterparts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to create compatible and seamless services for livestock movements across UK borders.


A little flex time

We asked employees of Livestock Information how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 29 employee responses

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Additional employee ratings
(these do not contribute to the FlexScore®)

Employees feel that the diversity, and the efforts to improve and maintain it, are great
Employees feel like the company culture is brilliantly inclusive and equitable
Employees feel like it is a really great environment to work in
Employees feel very excited about and aligned with the company mission
Employees are very happy with their salaries and feel that it is well above the market average

Benefits spotlight

Flexible working week
L&D budget
Open to part-time employees
Open to part time work for some roles
Mental health platform access
Compassionate leave
Accrued annual leave
Enhanced maternity leave
Adoption leave
Shared parental leave
Carer’s leave
Matched pension contribution
Life assurance
What's great about Livestock Information
Mission and vision
  • Data-driven


  • Environmental impact-driven

    Environmental impact-driven

  • Tech for good

    Tech for good

  • Collaborative


  • Dynamic


  • Supportive


Our company environment
  • Ethnically diverse

    Ethnically diverse

    Livestock Information demonstrates their ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion through having a leadership team, a founder team and/or an overall workforce that represents the ethnic distribution of the population. They also have an ethnic diversity working group.
  • Gender diverse

    Gender diverse

    Livestock Information demonstrates their gender diversity, equity and inclusion through having a leadership team, founder team and/or overall workforce which represents the gender split of the population. They also have a gender equality working group.
  • Gifts and praise led

    Gifts and praise led

    Outstanding work and contribution is mainly recognised through gifts and praise at Livestock Information

Employee reviews

Livestock Information's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

The leadership team are incredibly supportive and encourage you to be accountable for your own work. The agile working allows you to flex your hours and the people are very innovative and forward thinking.

Great place to work at and offers amazing opportunities to grow. Supportive management, ready to explore innovative ideas.

Working at Livestock Information

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United Kingdom

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Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

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About us

Livestock Information Ltd was established in 2019 and is owned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

The Livestock Information Service was launched in 2022 and is now used to record movement data for sheep, goat and deer by users in the supply chain. Cattle and pig movement services will soon follow, to create a single, modern, digital movement service for all species that is simple and convenient for livestock record management.

We are dedicated to spearheading a transformation in the livestock sector of the agricultural industry by harnessing cutting-edge digital technology to advance livestock traceability throughout the UK. Through the development and widespread implementation of innovative solutions, we aim to create a more transparent, efficient, and secure system for monitoring and managing livestock. Our efforts not only enhance disease control and biosecurity but also empower farmers with invaluable insights to make informed decisions, ultimately driving positive change and greater sustainability in the UK's farming landscape.

Flexible working at Livestock Information

At Livestock Information Ltd, we've embraced the power of remote work to provide our employees with a flexible and empowering work environment. We believe that remote work offers numerous advantages, such as increased work-life balance, the freedom to work from anywhere within the UK which is most suited to you, and the ability to create a personalised and comfortable workspace. Our team enjoys the benefits of reduced commute times, the flexibility to work between 8am-6pm with a schedule which suits you and your family, and the opportunity to be more productive in a setting that suits their needs. We're committed to nurturing a dynamic and collaborative remote work culture that not only attracts top talent but also promotes a healthier work-life integration for our employees.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We embrace diversity in all its forms, valuing the unique perspectives and experiences that each team member brings to the table. We understand that a diverse workforce leads to innovation, creativity, and better decision-making. We invest in training, mentoring, and initiatives that promote diversity and equity, ensuring that every employee has equal opportunities for growth and success. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace isn't just a goal; it's a source of strength that drives our company forward.

Meet who might be hiring you

Sharon Fearby - Service Director

We are leading the way with our livestock traceability services to collaboratively support disease prevention and outbreak management. As a diverse remote working organisation, the work that you do in Service compliment’s almost every specialism and skill set we employ, be part of a culture that encourages development, that embraces change, and reaches far across both government and industry partners to shape the collective traceability future. You could be at the forefront with the day-to-day management of our platform services, get involved in our planning and co-ordination of service processes, dynamically challenge our security standards, or be at the heart of our service delivery to optimise our user journey directly supporting our mission to deliver real change and insight to industry and government.   

Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

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Behind the scenes at Livestock Information

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