Working With Flexa To Improve Employer Brand

23rd Mar 2021

How our partners maximise their Flexification

Want to know one of the really great benefits of working with us at Flexa? We can help to improve and scale your employer brand very, very quickly.

We work with our partners on all sorts of employer brand marketing opportunities - always leveraging flexibility as a core facet of the employer brand offering. Read on to check out some concrete examples of where our collaborations have led to awesome results for our clients...

How we spread the word for employers

Blogs and content

We've worked with a wide range of companies on bespoke pieces to shout about their flexible working environments across blogs, as well as wider content pieces. Check out some of our favourites pieces below.

Social posts

Our ever-expanding social channels have phenomenal reach, with some of of our posts capturing the eyeballs of millions of jobseekers. Here are a few examples of the endless trove of great social content we've pushed out in the last few months, including Inshur, 11:FS and Blip (a member of the FTSE100 Flutter Group).


Every month we send out email campaigns to our candidates with the latest news, including a spotlight feature for our newly Flexified companies, introducing you to top talent and highlighting your benefits! Take a look at our recent email showcasing carwow's commitment to flexible working.

How we support partners in their employer brand campaigns

Blogs and content

We don't just want to user our own following to grow our clients' employer brands; we want to be an integral part of in-house campaigns. Check out our work below with Farfetch, supporting their incredible flexible working programme.

Social campaigns

We also provide assets to help our partners grow their own social followings. Below are just a few examples from Allianz, Uncrowd, Oddbox and Comma Group.

Supporting hiring drives

Of course, ultimately, the benefit of building your employer brand is in finding those great hires that will propel your business. We directly help over 50% of our Flexified clients with their hiring. As well as providing access to our job marketplace, we also support our employers with their own hiring drives across all main social channels; check out some examples below from Paddle and Unleashed.

If you'd like to learn more about leveraging the power of Flexa for your employer brand and your hiring, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!