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Flexible hours
More than 2 days at home per week

The purpose

Kill Friction, Invent Reward; Become First Choice.

About us

We help retailers use existing data to understand when and why customers choose them instead of rivals. We do this by connecting customers’ experiences of friction versus reward. Our SaaS platform generates live-trackingFriction/Reward Indexes Super-granular. Incredibly revealing. Directly actionable.

Flexi working approach

We work as a team of respected and responsible adults. It's up to them to decide when to work and where to work. We all own our deadlines and that's broadly what matters - not rigid hours and office five days a week. We extend that to benefits - different people have different needs to we prefer as much self-serve as possible.

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I love that everyone trusts and has mutual respect both in a work capacity but also that we all have our own lives outside of work. There is no questioning if you started late etc, we all know that we are all working our hardest and will always get the work done. There is absolutely none of that thinking of if you haven't started work by 9 then you aren't working hard enough.

Marketing Team Member at Uncrowd

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What do we think of Uncrowd?

What a cool company - Uncrowd really speaks to the ex-retail analyst within me! Uncrowd is helping retailers to understand why customers choose them over their competitors (a question that, historically, most companies have been woeful at answering). They're Microsoft's worldwide start-up partner of the year and it's run by a bunch of super-smart, super-flexible people. We love them!

Meet who might be hiring you

If you like the idea of being part of the insanity of a startup then by all means come join us. We'll work collaboratively, you'll own your bit of the business and we'll have fun doing it.

Richard Hammond - CEO at Uncrowd

What they offer their employees

  • We’re a startup. Startups are weird and fun and thrilling

  • Based in Kings Cross, a fun bit of London

  • You’ll have a learning budget to spend however you want

  • There’s a pension and a wellness budget

  • A share in the value of our growth

  • Stock options that already hold good value and could go anywhere

  • Flexible working – hours to suit, days to suit

  • International travel if you fancy it

  • 26 days holiday (plus the usual bank holidays)

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