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Where To Find Dog-Friendly Workplaces

15th Sep 2022

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, dog-friendly workplaces have been on the rise, with more and more companies adapting their work environments to accommodate our four-legged friends. 

As we know there are many benefits to having pets/dogs in the workplace; they help to combat and alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and loneliness. For employers, we have previously written about the top tips for creating a dog-friendly environment, which you might also want to check out. 

Which companies are dog-friendly?

There are plenty of dog-friendly companies out there, but knowing who they are and where to find them was once difficult, but not anymore 👀 

We’ll be sharing the spotlight on some dog-friendly companies; they might be currently hiring or soon be hiring for the job of your dreams. And, not only are these companies dog-friendly, but they are also Flexified, which means they are verified as truly flexible places to work


BOOM are a dog-friendly company working to transform the world of visual content management through technology and re-writing the status quo in their industry to redefine what defines company culture and ‘typical’ ways of working. Let’s hear from BOOM themselves:

“At BOOM, we give employees 2 days of Pawternity leave per year. Being a fully remote company, one of our key principles is empowering individuals to be autonomous in making personal decisions which means they have a good work-life balance, and we quickly identified that pets formed a huge part of this!

One of our most popular slack channels is #monsters-of-boom where our tribe of pet lovers share pictures of their furry friends, providing everyone with snippets of joy throughout the day and plenty of laughs. For us, Pawternity leave was about recognising the role pets play in our employees’ lives and providing them with the resources and time they need to care for them”


Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with start-ups, brands and companies to create new realities. They are a dog-friendly company and a flexible employer that has core hours between 10am to 3pm. Outside of that, individuals are free to schedule weekly hours as they wish. They work on a hybrid flexible approach making it an excellent workplace for dog owners.


Canda is a unique team of storytellers and hiring hackers, with a dog-friendly office. They have an early finish on a Friday and you have the option to adjust your core working hours from 9am to 5:30pm to something better suited to you, as long as your line manager approves - perhaps you’d like to start and finish earlier or vice versa.


Carwow is one of the best online car marketplaces; in fact, some of us at Flexa have previously used them to purchase our own vehicles and have had a great experience. They are an inclusive employer with plenty of flexible working arrangements, great for all pet owners.


Openpayd is a leading global payment and banking-as-a-service platform for the digital economy. They have a hybrid approach to work, have dog-friendly offices and also a range of other perks and benefits on offer.


Peppy is the leading digital platform helping employers to give their people expert support for under-served areas of healthcare: menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood and men's health. We think their ethos is great! They have a range of flexible working arrangements, giving plenty of options for dog owners who might be looking for a new job.


Planes are a team of product managers, designers and developers creating awesome digital products. They have core hours from 11am to 3pm, your remaining hours can be worked how you wish. They pride themselves on flexible working offering flexibility around hours and where you work. They have a long list of incredible benefits and offer ‘pawternity’ leave, what’s not to love about that?