Top Tips For Creating A Dog-Friendly Workplace

21st Jun 2022

Why create a dog-friendly office?

Having a pet-friendly or dog-friendly workplace can help to lower stress levels, and boost morale and productivity. A study by Four Paws also shows the positive effects for non-dog owners, being able to take dogs for walks, and reminding employees to take much-needed breaks. 

The number of candidates searching for dog-friendly companies has increased significantly. Between Jan 2022-Feb 2022 on the Flexa platform, the number of candidates searching for dog-friendly offices and dog-friendly jobs has increased by 53%. And the number of users registering a preference for dog-friendly offices when signing up to our platform increased by a staggering 98%.

What to consider for creating a dog-friendly office

As a dog-friendly workplace ourselves we’ve collated some of our top tips.

Lease a dog-friendly office space

Check with your existing landlord to see whether the office space allows for dogs and discuss how many dogs are likely to be in the office at any given time.

Dog proof your office 

Make sure the office environment is dog-friendly, keeping anything that may cause harm out of reach, put lids on bins, tie up any loose cabling from electrical equipment, and create a space for employees to keep their food (we know our fur friends like to be cheeky sometimes).

Create a timetable 

Create an office timetable with dates and times so that paw parents can fill out when they intend to bring their dog to work.

Find a space close to parks and greenery

You’ll need dog-friendly spots to be able to take dogs for walks and much needed play time, so make sure the office is in close proximity to parks and greenery.

Have water bowls, treats and poop bags

Our fur friends need to stay hydrated so make sure there are water bowls available. Having some treats is also nice (keeping in mind any allergies or sensitivities), it will help them with introductions and meeting new people. Poop bags are also a must you’ll be glad to have these on hand.

Create a plan for addressing problems 

Some dogs may adjust to an office environment very quickly and easily. Others may bark and find it difficult being around too many people or other dogs.

Putting a plan in place with paw parents beforehand is important so that if any issues arise these can be addressed.

Remember inclusivity

Keep in mind that not all people are comfortable around dogs, some may have fears others may have allergies. Creating a dog free zone or having a different floor (particularly for larger companies) which are dog free would be a way to cater for this.
With the right steps and processes taken into consideration, a dog-friendly workplace can bring so much joy and happiness. Check out some of the top dog-friendly companies that have the best flexible working environments.

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