What Is Unlimited Annual Leave?

16th Dec 2022

The concept of unlimited annual leave originates from Silicon Valley, US. When first introduced, it was seen as a radical approach, much like working from home before covid-19. Employers who offer unlimited annual leave as a company benefit allow employees to take as much time off as they want - usually with the condition that work is completed before they leave.

Is unlimited annual leave a good company benefit?

Unlimited annual leave has benefits and some drawbacks; if implemented and used correctly, it can be a great employee offering that sets you apart from your competitors. Firstly, let's take a look at some of the benefits:

Can help with productivity levels 

With no restrictions on taking time off, employees have more choices and freedom, thus creating happier employees who are more productive.

Improved work-life blend

Offering unlimited annual leaves improves work-life blend as employees can take time off as and when needed, as long as work is completed. Whether that be for the purpose of relaxation, travelling, visiting family, or spending extra time with the children, it’s up to you.

Attract and retain top talent

Employee benefits are an excellent way to stand out as an employer, enabling you to attract and retain top talent through a unique offering. 

Aside from the benefits, here are some potential drawbacks: 

  • Not having a set amount of holiday allowances can increase work anxiety - employees may think they are judged by the time they take off. 
  • High performers feel like they may not be able to take time off. 
  • It makes it more challenging to manage legal requirements regarding statutory leave entitlement.

What companies offer unlimited annual leave?

Austin International 

They are a leading challenger brand in the recruitment industry. They have some great benefits, from sabbaticals to a work-from-anywhere scheme. You can check their company page to find out what employees have to say about working at Austin International. 

Hedgehog Lab

They help brands build digital products and offer their employees benefits, including adoption leave and shared parental leave. 


They are an innovative company leading the way for VR/AR fitness apps. As well as unlimited annual leave, they also offer a work-from-anywhere scheme. Check out more about their company benefits on their company page. 

Signal AI

They are a leading augmentation company turning the world's data into knowledge - find out more about what they do on their company page. And check out their employee benefits. 


They create a world where working from anywhere works. Find out more about their benefits and flexible working practices.