What Is Fully Remote Work?

30th Nov 2022

Fully remote work is completed outside of the physical office. This type of working arrangement doesn’t mean you need to be tied to your desk; you can work in other remote locations, such as your garden or a local coffee shop. This isn’t to be confused with Work From Anywhere schemes, which do come with some tax implications that need to be considered. 

What are the benefits of fully remote work?

Fully remote work is a highly sought-after benefit - it might not be the best option for everyone, but it’s loved by many and has some incredible advantages. 

Spend less time commuting 

Fully remote work gives you back your time - the time you’d otherwise spend commuting. You could opt for a lie-in, exercise, drop your children at school, or get the daily household chores out of the way. This also helps you to save on the associated costs of commuting, which can stack up quickly.

Greater flexibility = an improved work life-blend

Full remote work offers greater flexibility helping to achieve an improved work-life blend. You can utilise your time more efficiently, whether by putting on a load of laundry, preparing dinner, or going to the gym during your lunch break. You can prioritise and plan your days better and won’t be stuck in the constant cycle of counting down until the weekend - that’s no way to live.

More autonomy and trust

Employees are likely to work much harder when they are given the autonomy and trust to complete their work, as opposed to being micromanaged. Of course, this doesn’t take away from the fact that support and daily/weekly check-ins and instant messaging tools are essential to maintain communication and help both the company and employees. 

Increased motivation and productivity

No one wants to live to work. It’s great to have dreams and a career, but when work takes over, it can become demotivating. Having the flexibility to plan your time and schedule your days better leads to higher productivity and increased motivation levels. 

Reduced staff turnover 

More flexibility leads to happier employers and lower staff turnover. It's a win-win situation, employers are happier, and employers will gain loyal employees, reduce recruitment costs, and be able to retain their top talent. 

That being said, for fully remote work to be successful, companies need to understand how to effectively manage and communicate with distributed teams

Some companies are already doing an incredible job, and we’re sharing the spotlight on some of them below. 

What companies are fully remote?

Lucky Duck

An award-winning agency specialising in product strategy, UX/UI design and development - they also have other incredible employee benefits, including shared parental leave and enhanced sick pay. 

Tomorrow Group

A company that builds tools and services to help brands achieve excellence in digital marketing. Check out some of their great benefits, alongside their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


An award-winning agency specialising in user experience and interface design and have a long list of company benefits, including shared parental leave and sabbaticals. 

Grant Tree

Help innovative companies access funding to accelerate their growth and increase their impact. They have great company benefits, including shared parental leave and work from anywhere. 


An end-to-end encrypted messenger and collaboration app that offer work from anywhere and enhanced sick pay, alongside some other really great employee benefits.