What is enhanced sick pay, and which companies offer it?

17th Apr 2024

Under governmental law, an employee can receive £116.75 per week in statutory sick pay (SSP) for up to 28 weeks if they’re too ill to work. Enhanced sick pay is a contractual right built into an employment contract, where an employer can choose to offer more than this statutory minimum.

What are the benefits of enhanced sick pay?

Shows that companies value their employees

An enhanced sick pay scheme can make employees feel more valued, by showing them that their employer cares about their welfare and wants to go above and beyond in supporting them financially while they get better.

Improves company productivity

Feeling that they can't cope financially with too much time off might persuade some ill employees to return to work sooner than they should, which often leads their productivity to suffer too. By allowing people the time and resources they need to fully rest and recover, companies aren't just showing empathy to their employees: they're improving the standard of their work at the same time.

Increases company loyalty 

By showing your employees that you care and value them, you’re more likely to increase loyalty in the business. Sickness is never planned, from breaking a bone to mental health-related concerns; it’s not something a person has control over. But knowing that they will be protected should this happen to them can work wonders when it comes to retention.

Creates a positive work culture 

A positive working culture revolves around autonomy and trust. Trusting your employees not only to fulfil their role but providing necessary support when they cannot, is essential if you want to maintain this.

The concerns around offering enhanced sick pay

Employers might be worried that some employees may take advantage of an enhanced sick pay scheme. Although there is always a small chance of this happening (as with any benefit you offer), if you have hired the right employees for your business whom you value and trust, this ultimately should never be a concern.

What companies offer enhanced sick pay? 

There are a number of Flexified companies that offer enhanced sick pay as a company benefit, including: 


Attest is the consumer research platform that puts trustworthy insights in more people's hands. As well as enhanced sick pay, they offer their employees benefits like a monthly wellbeing allowance, fertility treatment leave, and a dog-friendly office.


Centrica are a family of brands, on a mission to revolutionise how we power the planet. They offer a whole suite of health and wellbeing benefits, including gym membership, health insurance, and access to a mental health platform.

Mind Foundry

Mind Foundry were founded by world-leading academics at Oxford University, to help organisations tackle their problems with AI. They’re a forward-thinking company with some great employee benefits, including shared parental leave, adoption leave, teambuilding days and more.  

Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends creates brands less ordinary for ambitious organisations. They also offer enhanced sick days, carer's leave, and a 4.5-day week.

Trust Keith

Trust Keith combines real humans with technology to seamlessly manage your data protection. Alongside enhanced sick pay, they offer company shutdown periods, a work from home allowance, and a work from anywhere scheme.