What Is Enhanced Sick Pay?

7th Dec 2022

Enhanced sick pay is a contractual right built into an employment contract where an employer can offer more than the statutory minimum (SSP). Under governmental law, an employee can receive £99.95 per week in statutory sick pay (SSP) for up to 28 weeks if they’re too ill to work.

What are the benefits of enhanced sick pay?

Shows that you value your employees

An enhanced sick pay scheme helps employees feel more valued, allowing them the necessary time off they need to recover fully.

Increases company loyalty 

By showing your employees that you care and value them, you’re more likely to increase loyalty in the business. Sickness is never planned, from breaking a bone to mental health-related concerns; it’s not something a person has control over. 

Creates a positive work culture 

A positive working culture revolves around autonomy and trust. Trusting your employees not only to fulfil their role but providing necessary support when they cannot, is essential.

The concerns around offering enhanced sick pay

Employers might be worried that some employees may take advantage of an enhanced sick pay scheme. Although this might happen - if you have hired the right employees for your business whom you value and trust, this ultimately should never be a concern.

What companies offer enhanced sick pay? 

There are a number of Flexified companies on the Flexa platform that offer enhanced sick pay as a company benefit, including: 


They are a company transforming the insurance industry by connecting data. Humn offer enhanced sick pay alongside pawternity leave and a work-from-anywhere scheme alongside many other benefits.

Mind Foundry

They were created to transform the world for good using AI. They’re a forward-thinking company with some great employee benefits, including shared parental leave, adoption leave, team building days and more.  

Shout Digital 

Leading digital transformation programmes through multi-channel touch points across the web, mobile, and emerging technologies - Shout digital is an innovative company to work for. They’re open to flexible working arrangements, including job sharing, compressed hours and part-time work. 


SIFT is a market-leading publisher and subscription business with some fantastic company benefits from sabbaticals, enhanced maternity and paternity leave, team building days, adoption leave and more. 

Design Bundles 

They were created for crafters and graphic designers enabling access to commercially licensed design assets. They have one of the highest benchmarking scores we've ever seen for the anonymous employee survey - check out their company page to find out more.

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