What Are Summer Hours?

13th Dec 2022

Summer hours are an employee benefit offered during the summer, reducing the time spent working during the summer months. Summer hours might look different at every company; some might opt for a 4-day working week, shorter days or another type of working schedule. 

What are the benefits of summer hours?

When summer comes around, people are usually more upbeat and want to spend more time socialising or being outside enjoying the sunshine. A full-time job can make employees feel like they are missing out, spending most of their time indoors, and it’s no wonder a growing number of people suffering from vitamin D deficiency. 

Happier employees

The sun makes us happier! Having more flexibility around work hours means that employees can enjoy the sunshine. And for us in the UK, we know that we can’t take the summer months and days with good weather for granted. 

Higher productivity levels

Happier employees equal more productive employees. Forbes published the results from one study that revealed happy employees are as much as 20% more productive in the workplace than unhappy employees.

Improved work-life blend

It offers a better work-life blend by accommodating people’s lifestyles and understanding that the summer months are when most people have a more demanding social life.

Improve health and mental well-being 

Through sun exposure, the hormone serotonin is released - providing mood-lifting benefits. Not only can the sun help with mental well-being from depression and anxiety, it can also help alleviate skin and other health conditions.

Greater flexibility 

Offering greater flexibility, particularly for those who are working parents, summer hours are a game-changer. It means more time can be spent with the children, and more precious memories can be made whilst they are off from school over the summer months. For others, it could mean more time spent with loved ones, travelling or being outdoors.

What companies offer summer hours?

Anthemis Group

They aim to cultivate change within the financial system by investing in, growing and sustaining business that wants to improve the world. They have a long list of great company benefits, including a work-from-anywhere scheme, shared parental leave, pregnancy loss leave, a work-from-home allowance and much more. 


Prisma helps app developers build faster and make fewer errors with an open-source database. They’ve been dedicated to being a flexible employer from the very beginning. They offer enhanced maternity and paternity leave alongside some other great company benefits. 

SilverRail Technologies

They are changing how people move and are set to dominate short and medium-haul travel worldwide. Want to work for them? Check out their company page to find their list of company benefits and current vacancies. 

Vita Mojo

They’re building more innovative digital solutions to help hospitality operators overcome challenges in the industry. Check out what employees say about working at Vita Mojo, and see current vacancies on their company page. 


Changing the way the world pays through an open banking platform. You can find out more about TrueLayer and the career opportunities available - not to mention their great list of company benefits. 

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