What are summer hours, and which companies offer them?

15th Apr 2024

Summer hours are an employee benefit offered during the summer, reducing the time spent working during the summer months in order to give employees more free time to enjoy the (hopefully!) nice weather. Summer hours can vary at different companies: this might mean a 4-day or 4.5-day working week, shorter days, or another variation on flexible hours during the summer season. 

What are the benefits of summer hours?

When summer rolls around, full-time employees can feel like they are missing out when they have to spend most of their time indoors. And if they are working parents or caregivers, too, they could find themselves presented with a childcare nightmare when it comes to the school summer holidays. Summer hours are one way that some companies are choosing to help their employees balance work and life: so what are the benefits?

Happier employees

The sun makes us happier - it's a scientific fact. Having more flexibility around working hours means that employees have more time to get out and enjoy the sunshine while it's here, boosting mood and improving morale when they're back at their desks. And for us in the UK, we know that we can’t take the good weather for granted - so you've got to make the most of it while you can! 

Higher productivity levels

It's official: happier employees are more productive employees. At the end of 2023, Harvard Business Review reported on new research from Oxford University, which found a causal link between happy employees and a 13% increase in productivity. So implementing feel-good benefits like summer hours doesn't just make sense for company morale, but for the bottom line, too.

Improved work-life blend

Summer hours empower employees to have a better work-life blend in what is often a very busy season. Companies with summer hours are signalling to their employees that their lives don't have to revolve solely around work: they can balance work with life commitments, too. Workers often reward this kind of realistic attitude from employers with increased respect and company loyalty.

Improve health and mental wellbeing 

Through sun exposure, the hormone serotonin is released - providing mood-lifting benefits that can be really beneficial when it comes to mental health. Not only can the sun help with mental wellbeing from depression and anxiety, it can also help alleviate skin and other health conditions. What's not to like?

Greater flexibility 

Offering greater flexibility, particularly for those who are working parents, summer hours are a game-changer. It means more time can be spent with the children, and more precious memories can be made whilst they are off from school over the summer months. For others, it could mean more time spent with friends, travelling or being outdoors.

What companies offer summer hours?

Many of our Flexified companies offer summer hours to their employees: here are just a few of them.

Collins Property Recruitment

Collins Property Recruitment is a business with a purpose: to enable talent and businesses to meet and do great things together. As well as summer hours, they operate on a 4-day week all year round, and also offer unlimited annual leave.


Figures is Europe's leading compensation management platform, helping companies make fair and efficient salary decisions. They work a 9-day fortnight, and provide their remote-first employees with a co-working space allowance every month.


Picnic exists to create a more user-friendly, ad-funded open web. They work around core hours from 10am-4pm, and also have a dog-friendly office.


tms unite technology, marketing and sourcing to drive transformational change for the world's leading brands. They're open to part-time employees, and also have a Christmas shutdown period.

Tomorrow Group

Tomorrow Group is a digital marketing agency shaping the future of digital experience. They work a 4.5 day week year round, as well as offering benefits like tax-free childcare.


WeTransfer are a platform to empower creatives while using business as a force for good. Their commitment to time flexibility doesn't end with summer hours - they have fully flexible hours throughout the year, as well as a whole-company shutdown over the winter break.