How To Revamp Your Employer Brand

6th Aug 2023

Struggling to attract top-quality talent or dealing with high employee turnover? Then it might be time to consider revamping your Employer Brand.

A revamp of your Employer Brand can work wonders by breathing new life into your company's reputation. And it's your opportunity to establish a stronger and more competitive edge in the market. 

Just take a look at the success story of Howells, a Flexified company that experienced a remarkable transformation after revamping their Employer Brand. 

“We revamped our brand from the ground up to better represent the business we aspire to be. From embracing Flexification; remote work, supportive leave, and flexible hours; to our Net Zero footprint and refreshed website and brand imagery; our team has never been more engaged. We have seen increased productivity, engagement, and unplanned absences fall by 40% since we introduced our re-branding!” - Alex Walsh, CEO. 

But in order for you to plan for a revamp you first need to assess how your Employer Brand currently measures up. Without this insight, it's like walking in the dark. You need to shine a light on your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in order to chart the right course towards a revamped and successful Employer Brand.

Congratulations, now that you’ve completed the quiz! Get ready as we guide you step-by-step on how to revamp your Employer Brand.

Regardless of whether you're a budding startup or a well-established corporation, and where you currently score, we've got you covered. 

Our comprehensive guide will offer you the essential tools and knowledge you’ll need to revitalise your Employer Brand.

So, let’s get started. 

Define your ideal Employer Brand

Before diving into revamping your Employer Brand, it's essential to establish a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you want to be perceived. Here are some key steps to consider.

Establish your company’s values, mission, and culture

Figure out your core values - these are the fundamental principles and values that shape how you make decisions and take action. Make sure these values align with the culture you want to create and serve as the foundation of your Employer Brand.

Get clear on your mission – define what your company is all about and what you're striving to accomplish. Your mission statement should capture the heart and soul of your company and help people to understand the impact you aim to make as an organisation.

Take a look at your company culture – evaluate what your current culture is like and think about the kind of culture you want to create. Consider factors like your work environment, how people collaborate, communication styles, and the experiences of your employees that align with your values and mission.

Gather data and analyse industry trends 

To make informed decisions, you'll need to gather data to understand what's happening in the hiring market. That means keeping up with the latest trends, like what job seekers are looking for and how technology is changing recruitment and keeping people on board.

And with data collected from over 1 million candidates from all over the world, we're able to bring you the latest data, news and insights around flexible working and candidate preferences.

If you want to stay in the loop, come and join our flexible community on LinkedIn and if you haven't already, take the workplace benchmarking quiz to get signed up for our newsletter. 

Define your unique selling points 

This will give you clarity around what makes your company unique, making it easier for you to communicate this to potential candidates. 

Evaluate your EVP - the benchmarking quiz insights will help here. You can use the results to identify the unique offerings that make your company stand out. Think about the exciting opportunities for growth, work-life balance, company culture, compensation, benefits, and all the amazing perks you have to offer. And to dive deeper into creating a winning EVP, we've got you covered with our free guide.

Highlight your company's strengths - assess your key strengths, such as innovative projects, supportive leadership, employee development programs, or a diverse and inclusive work environment. These strengths will help differentiate your company and contribute to your unique Employer Brand.

Assess your current Employer Brand

Now that you've identified your ideal Employer Brand, have checked out all the data and insights, and figured out your unique selling points, it's time to dig deep into your current Employer Brand. This means carrying out a thorough internal audit to get a clear picture of where you can make improvements. It's important to do this so you know exactly where you stand and which areas need some extra attention. 

So let's get down to business so you can make your Employer Brand shine!

Review your existing Employer Brand materials - start with looking at your company's website, career pages, job descriptions, social media presence, and any other materials that reflect your Employer Brand. Assess whether they accurately represent your company's values, culture, and opportunities for growth.

Engage with key stakeholders - speak with leaders, managers, and employees from different departments to gather insights about their perceptions of your current Employer Brand. Seek their feedback on what they feel is working well and areas that need improvement. Their perspectives can provide valuable input and reveal any discrepancies between the intended and perceived Employer Brand.

Evaluate your internal communication channels - assess how internal communication channels align with your desired Employer Brand. Ensure that they effectively showcase your company's values, mission, and opportunities to engage and develop employees.

Analyse employee engagement and retention data - review metrics related to employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention rates - use our employee satisfaction tracker to help you in gathering this data. Look for patterns or trends that can provide insights into how your current Employer Brand may be impacting these key areas, and identify any areas of concern or improvement.

Analyse the candidate experience 

To revamp your Employer Brand successfully, it's also crucial to understand the experience of candidates who interact with you during the recruitment process. Here are a few ways to analyse your candidate experience and gather all important feedback.

Review your recruitment process - evaluate each stage of your recruitment process, from application submission to onboarding, and identify potential pain points or areas for improvement. Consider using AI, like Canda, to take your process to the next level. Automation can help you streamline and elevate the experience for candidates. But you still need to make sure the whole process reflects your desired Employer Brand and creates a positive and engaging experience for candidates.

Sqaured Consulting has a unique approach to its hiring process; we had a chat with their Founder, Rayan Bannai, who is here to tell us more.

“Our hiring process has had a positive impact on the hiring funnel, and it’s also something we’ve used when helping to hire for other clients. 

  • We don’t ask for CVs when hiring; this helps remove unconscious bias and improves diversity significantly. Alongside a more value-based application form, the conversion rate of applicants to stage 1 was around 35% as a result of more aligned candidates.
  • We ask questions like ‘If you were to watch a movie in 5 years' time of the previous five years, what would you want your key highlights to be?’ And ‘If you had to say yes to everything for 12 months, what would you want to be asked, and what would you be afraid of?’ 
  • Also, none of our benefits are standardised We set budgets and policies that allow our hires, and some of our clients, to choose what works for them, rather than a pre-scripted list of benefits that can be noninclusive.”

Leverage candidate feedback surveys - send surveys to candidates who have recently been through your recruitment process. Ask them to rate their experience, provide feedback on communication, transparency, and overall impressions. And use this feedback to identify areas of improvement. 

Consolidate feedback and data - now it’s time to bring it all together. Compile and analyse the data gathered from the internal audit, employee feedback, and candidate experience evaluations. Look for common themes, areas of misalignment, or opportunities for improvement; this is your chance to uncover those golden nuggets of information. 

Prioritise areas for improvement - identify the most critical areas for improvement based on the impact they’ll have on your overall Employer Brand and employee experience. Focus your energy and resources on those key areas. It's all about making those impactful moves and creating a better future for your Employer Brand and your awesome employees.

Revamp your brand strategy

Now, let's get into the exciting step of revamping your strategy. Here's what you should consider to create a winning game plan. 

Revamp your EVP - you've already carried out the research and gathered insightful data about what motivates your current employees and what your ideal candidates are looking for. Now, let's put all that knowledge into action. Use the tips and insights you’ve received from the benchmarking quiz to guide you during this process. Review what you currently offer and figure out what you want to implement and what you’d like to get rid of. Remember to use our free EVP project plan to help keep you on track.

Align your Employer Brand with your brand identity -  make sure that your Employer Brand and overall brand identity are in perfect harmony. Consistency is key to building a strong brand presence. So, align your messaging, visual elements, and core values with your company's overall brand identity. When everything is in sync, it creates a cohesive and authentic brand experience that resonates with both customers and potential employees. Remember, it's all about creating that magical connection and leaving a lasting impression. 

Set specific and measurable goals - define clear goals that align with your desired Employer Brand—for example, improving employee engagement scores by a certain percentage or increasing positive candidate feedback by a specific measure. These goals will serve as benchmarks to measure the success of your Employer Brand revamp.

Develop an action plan - to get the wheels in motion; you’ll need to outline the specific strategies, initiatives, and tactics that will be implemented. Assign responsibilities, establish timelines, and allocate resources accordingly; this will help to keep everyone on track and accountable. 

Implement your revamped Employer Brand

Now that you've given your Employer Brand a fantastic revamp, it's time to take it out into the world and make some noise! Let's put those strategies into action and show everyone what you're all about. Here are the important steps to get you started:

Update your careers page and job descriptions - update your content, visuals, and design to align with your new messaging and values. Show off that awesome EVP front and centre to highlight what makes your company a standout employer. Give your job descriptions a makeover too! Make sure they reflect your updated Employer Brand messaging, clearly communicating expectations, opportunities, and the benefits of working with your company. Let's make those pages irresistible and attract the perfect candidates for your team!

Optimise your presence on social media and professional networks - optimise your presence on social media and professional networks to connect with potential candidates. Make sure your profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter align with your revamped Employer Brand. Share engaging content, such as blog posts, videos, and industry insights that showcase your expertise and highlight your company's unique Employer Brand. And keep everyone in the loop with any exciting company updates. Don't forget to actively engage with your followers, respond to their questions, and join in relevant industry conversations to boost your Employer Brand reputation. 

Leverage employee testimonials and success stories - tap into the power of your employees' voices by leveraging their testimonials and success stories. Encourage employees to share their positive experiences working for your company. Feature employee testimonials on your website and on social media platforms to provide authentic insights into your company culture and work environment. These personal stories are like gold – they hold great influence in attracting top talent and building the credibility that sets you apart.

Showcase your Employer Brand

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