Why Your Employer Brand Matters

2nd Aug 2023

Your Employer Brand is the ultimate magnet for talent attraction and retention. 

If you neglect its importance it can lead to significant challenges in recruiting, retaining, and engaging top talent, particularly within the modern job market where employers no longer hold all the cards. 

Employer Brand is the long term strategic play that works alongside your week-to-week recruiting and retention efforts, to ignore it is to create a short-term only strategy, which we know is causing problems in the current climate. 

Undoubtedly, having a weak Employer Brand and therefore not being able to attract and retain the best people is a nightmare for any company, because without a strong team, your company's success is at stake.

Want to make sure you avoid the pains of a slow candidate market, no company recognition and poor retention? 

Then you should invest in your Employer Brand, and here are five reasons why. 

1) Your Employer Brand boosts your culture and reputation 

Employer Branding is all about showcasing what your company stands for - its core values, mission, and vision - to both employees and those on the outside. 

You do this by getting the word out through different channels like your job ads, social media, internal comms, or through a powerful Employer Branding tool like Flexa

Ultimately, everything and anything you do as a business becomes part of your Employer Brand, it’s your job to highlight the best bits and be transparent about where you are trying to improve.

The goal? Creating an awesome work environment that brings everyone together with a shared sense of purpose and identity. 

2) Your Employer Brand allows you to attracts top talent 

Candidates aren't just focused on the salary and perks you offer - they want more. They're on the lookout for companies with an awesome culture, room to grow, and a reputation for treating their employees well. 

That's where your Employer Brand comes in. It's your weapon to stand out from the competition. It's your chance to show potential employees why they should choose you over all the other options out there. And with a strong Employer Brand, you'll have talented individuals lining up to join your team.

This is important for every type of company. For startups, it allows you to get known by top candidates, and for corporates, it helps shift an old-fashioned reputation. 

 3) Your Employer Brand helps you retain talent 

Your Employee Value Proposition is the key to keeping your employees happy and committed – and how can you get the word out about your great EVP, internally and externally, without Employer Brand? When your company has a positive culture and an outstanding reputation, it creates an environment where employees feel connected, valued, and engaged. 

The result? Increased job satisfaction and loyalty, which means fewer people jumping ship.

When your employees align with your company's culture, they're more likely to stick around for the long haul. This boosts productivity, ensures valuable knowledge stays within your company and contributes to overall stability. So, by investing in a strong Employer Brand, you're not only retaining top talent but also building a solid foundation for continued success.

Learn more from Faye Pascall, Operations Manager at Spinks, on how they keep their employees sticking around for the long-haul.

“At Spinks we’ve been very lucky in the people who choose to join our team over the past 34 years. Each person has added to our culture, innovation and progression in the tech industry. From a variety of backgrounds; from ballet dancers to Olympians, from gardeners to actors and from returning to work to starting a career – we’ve built who we are today from these great and wonderful people. This has been the key ingredient to the Spinks team, everyone has progressed internally, and we never forget where we’ve come from and where we are going. 

We provide comprehensive training, incentives like lunch club and annual trips, a Wellbeing hub, and an Internal World Games Competition to stay fit mentally and physically. We also provide a financial support lunch and learn so employees can learn how to manage rising costs and personal finances. 

And we highly value our employees' feedback, which is why we carry out regular engagement surveys and Q&A sessions to continuously improve and address their needs. This approach has enabled the development of our leadership team from junior roles, empowering them to lead by example.

Spinks has also been conscious of the changing world and what this means; we are proud of our DE&I brand YouEqualTech and adopted flexible working way back in 2012. We’ve also pushed change internally with our group Nash Squared. Listening, being proactive and communicating are the basis of building a strong Employer Brand.”

4) Your Employer Brand influences business performance

Here's the thing: your Employer Brand goes far beyond keeping employees happy—it also plays a crucial role in shaping your company's reputation as an employer of choice. A strong employer brand sends a clear message that your company values its employees through creating an environment where everyone can truly thrive.

It doesn't just affect your internal workforce. It has a ripple effect that reaches external stakeholders like customers, partners, and investors. When they see your Employer Brand at its best, it influences how they perceive your entire company. 

5) Your Employer Brand can slash your recruitment costs

When your company has a positive reputation and is known for being a great place to work, it naturally attracts a larger pool of qualified candidates. This means you spend less time and resources on sourcing and advertising for open positions.

With a strong Employer Brand, candidates are more likely to be genuinely interested in joining your company. They'll proactively seek out opportunities to work for you, reducing the need for costly recruitment agencies or extensive candidate search efforts. 

When you have a positive Employer Brand, you tend to experience lower turnover rates. This means you spend less on the recruitment and onboarding of new employees, as well as training and ramp-up time. 

Just take Flipdish as a prime example; they were able to stop spending six figures on recruitment and built a reliable and diverse talent pipeline at the same time.

Your Employer Brand holds incredible power. From creating high performing teams, to bringing in more customers and boosting ROI. 

Your Employer Brand matters!