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ClientEarth • Tokyo

Lawyer (0776)

Employment type:  Part time
Salary:  Starting from JPY 11,500,000

4 days/week at home

Core hours 10–4

Dog friendly

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Job Description

English advertisement

ClientEarth is a group of international legal experts on climate, energy and the environment. We use the law in partnership with governments, the private sector and the public to address climate change, capture the opportunities of the low carbon transition and protect nature.


We have built a global team of corporate and financial law experts specialising in climate risk and decarbonisation across eight offices in Europe, China and the United States – providing the legal framework and tools for the private sector to lead on climate action. We are helping to strengthen corporate climate governance and embed climate change in investment, regulatory and policy decisions around the world.

Our new Tokyo office is looking for a lawyer qualified in Japan (bengoshi).

This is a unique opportunity for an energy, environmental, corporate, financial and / or litigation lawyer with interest in energy and / or environmental law, policy and regulation to support decarbonisation and protection of the environment. The ideal candidate will have good English and experience from a top-tier law-firm/in-house department and/or government. There is no requirement for this position to have specific exposure to environmental law or have worked in the not-for-profit sector.

You will work closely with an expanding team in our new Tokyo office as well as colleagues located in London, Brussels, Beijing and Southeast Asia.

ClientEarth in Japan will be firmly embedded within Japan’s social, political, economic and cultural context and will use the law to support accelerated government and private sector leadership on climate change. The Tokyo office is bringing together Japanese qualified lawyers (bengoshi) with specialised backgrounds in corporate, financial, litigation, energy and / or environmental, as well as other professionals with backgrounds in climate change and communications.

Main Duties

  • Conduct analysis and research and deliver high-quality written work-product on energy and environmental law, policy and regulation relevant to the energy transition in Japan, particularly with respect to renewable energy, grid development and fast-tracking the transition to sustainable energy systems
  • Participate in shaping and delivering strategy for using energy, environmental, corporate and financial law, policy and regulation in engagement, advocacy and legal interventions to drive climate ambition and action and accelerate the energy transition in Japan
  • Participate in legal and judicial capacity building on energy and environmental law, policy and regulation as it applies to climate change (e.g. presentations, training sessions, workshops)
  • Research and analysis of corporate and financial law and regulation requiring disclosure and management of climate-related financial risks and opportunities in Japan
  • Work closely with the corporate and financial sectors and external stakeholders such as corporates, investors, government, think tanks, and civil society organisations to accelerate Japan’s transition to a net zero economy and strengthen Japan’s climate and environmental policy.
  • Identifying opportunities and developing strategies for using energy, environmental, corporate and financial law and regulation to drive climate ambition and action and accelerate the net zero transition in Japan and across Asia
  • Contributing consistently and meaningfully to team’s monitoring, evaluation and learning activities to support a culture of continuous learning and innovation within ClientEarth.

Role Requirements

  • Member of a Japan bar (qualified as a bengoshi) with a background in one or more of the following fields: corporate, financial, litigation, energy, or environmental law
  • Experience working in a top tier law firm or in-house department in Japan or government or regulator
  • Sector-specific experience in a relevant sector such as energy, industry and/or banking
  • Fluent level in Japanese
  • Business level English (CEFR C2)
  • Motivated to achieve results and to spot and take advantage of opportunities to achieve change

See the job description (below) for a full list of duties and requirements for this role.

Note to candidates: We know that long lists of criteria can be daunting and that some candidates will not apply for a role unless they feel they are 100% qualified. If you feel you meet at least some of the essential criteria above, we still encourage you to apply.

Further Information

Upon starting an application, we will share with you a more detailed information package about the position and our new office.

Have another question about this job? Please visit our Careers site for advice on applying, FAQs, and more information.

ClientEarth values diversity and inclusion and the benefits this brings. We aim to appoint the most suitable candidate at all times and welcome applications from people from all different backgrounds.

Please note that ClientEarth is only able to employ those who have the pre-existing legal right to work in Japan.

ClientEarth is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services to third parties.

Japanese advertisement







  • 日本におけるエネルギー転換、特に再生可能エネルギー、送電網の整備、持続可能なエネルギーシステムへの転換促進に関連するエネルギー・環境法、政策、規制に関する分析と調査を行い、質の高い執筆物を作成
  • 気候変動に対する野心と行動を促進し、日本におけるエネルギー転換を加速させるための関与、アドボカシー、法的手段において、エネルギー、環境、企業、金融に関する法律、公共政策、法規制を活用するためのチーム戦略の策定と実施に参加
  • 気候変動に関連するエネルギー、環境、公共政策等に関する法政策と裁判実務の啓蒙向上(発表、研修、ワークショップなど)に参加
  • 日本における気候変動に関連する財務リスク及び機会の開示・管理を義務付ける企業・金融法規制の調査・分析
  • 気候変動に適用される会社法・金融規制に関する法務と裁判実務の強化向上
  • 日本の脱炭素経済への移行を加速し、気候および環境政策を強化させるために、企業、金融セクター、投資家、政府、シンクタンク、市民団体組織などの外部ステークホルダーと密接に連携する日本およびアジア全域において、気候変動に対する野心的な行動を促進し、ネット・ゼロへの移行を加速させるために、法的業務の委託、現地の弁護士や専門家との協働を含むエネルギー、環境、企業よび金融法規制を活用する機会を特定し、戦略を策定する
  • 当団体内の継続的な学習と革新の文化をサポート学習活動に一貫して貢献すること
  • 採用条件
  • 日本弁護士会会員(弁護士資格保有者)であり、企業法、金融法、訴訟、エネルギー法、環境法のいずれか1つ以上の分野に精通している
  • 日本の一流とされる法律事務所、組織内法務部門(社内弁護士)、政府機関又は規制当局における勤務経験
  • エネルギー、産業、銀行等の関連セクターにおける業界固有の経験
  • 日本語が堪能である
  • ビジネスレベルの英語力
  • 結果を出すことに意欲的であり、変革を実現する機会を見つけ、それを活用することができる


候補者への連絡事項 : 私たちは、採用条件が複数列挙されていることが気掛かりに感じられること、そして一部の候補者は自分が100%適格であると感じない限りその職務に応募しないことを承知しています。もし、あなたが上記の必須条件の少なくともいくつかを満たしていると思われるのであれば、ぜひ応募することをお勧めします。






ClientEarth は、日本で働くための法的資格を有する方のみを採用することができますので、ご注意ください。


Company benefits

20-26 days annual leave + bank holidays
Work from anywhere scheme – see website for more details
Compassionate leave
Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
Matched pension contribution
Enhanced maternity leave
Work from home allowance
Teambuilding days
Dog friendly office
Company shutdown periods – winter shutdown
Buy or sell annual leave
Enhanced paternity leave
Cycle to work scheme
In office massages
In office yoga classes
Faith rooms
Salary sacrifice
Annual pay rises
L&D budget
Employees are largely happy with their working location freedom
Employees are largely happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that it can be hard to find balance at times
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel that they can mostly manage how they get their own work done

Working at ClientEarth

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Gender diversity (male:female)


Office locations

London, Brussels, Warsaw, Madrid, Berlin, Beijing, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Tokyo

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