How Workplace Flexibility Can Improve The Lives of Pet Owners

9th May 2023

Ownership of pets has increased considerably over the last few years, with more and more people bringing furry friends into their homes. As a result, businesses that are pet friendly can gain a significant competitive advantage in the war for talent. 

Pet ownership comes with added responsibilities, particularly for the more demanding pets such as dogs, and owners are left to balance work demands with the needs of their beloved pets. This is where workplace flexibility can make a huge difference. By offering flexible work arrangements that enable employees to care for their pets, companies can not only attract and retain talent but also create a happier, more productive team. 

The positive impact of workplace flexibility on pet owners

We've spoken with several Flexified companies that embrace flexible working arrangements and are also huge pet fans. These employee stories have been overwhelmingly positive, from seeing increased well-being and productivity to being able to better care for their furry companions. Here are some of their stories that showcase how flexible working can help create a more pet-friendly and supportive workplace culture.

Jess Fiander - VP of Finance at Prolific

Pet name: Sonny

“Sonny loves spending time outdoors; having workplace flexibility allows me to not only care for him, but it also allows more time to water my plants (when I remember); it’s something I really enjoy.”

Kaylee Parkinson - Head of People at Papercup

Pet name: Harvey (Pawject Manager)

The flexibility that Papercup offers is perfect for helping me to look after my bouncy Boston Terrier, Harvey. Working from home 3 times a week means I don't need an expensive dog sitter when I’m working. Managing my own schedule is great as I can walk him when it works for me, or rather him. On top of this, we have an amazing dog-friendly office, and I tend to bring him in once a week. Harvey absolutely loves socialising. I’m not sure who loves that more, him or the Papercup team!”

Ashley Wallace - Tech Recruiter at - Tech Recruiter at Papercup

Pet name: Daisy (Barketing Manager)

“Papercup is a pet-loving company; everyone loves having a dog in the office, and Daisy even has her own area to relax. It's super comforting knowing that I can take her to the office or work from home when needed. We usually start working around 9:30 am; I love this as it gives me a chance to take her for a long walk in the morning and allows me to clear my head, and set me up for the working day ahead. Taking her for walks throughout the day and being around for cuddles makes a huge difference to my mental well-being.

In previous jobs, I used doggy daycare or would travel across London early in the morning to drop her at friends' houses, often leaving super early and not getting back until late; it was extremely draining. Papercup loves dogs; we even have our own Paper-pups Slack channel and regularly share pictures with everyone!”

Viktor Peacock - Lead Engineer, UK, at Form3

Pet name: Simba

“Working flexibly from home means I can walk Simba when convenient for me. I am grateful that I can be with her every day, and she’s not at home waiting for me to come back and walk her during my lunch break. When I worked in the office, my lunch hour would be spent driving back home, quickly walking her, eating in under 5 minutes and driving back - I did that for about 7 years.” 

Viktor Perez-Domingo - Senior Lead Engineer, Spain, at Form3

Pet name: India

“In my case, India is responsible for walking me at least 3 times daily. Going to the office would be really bad for my dog because it would mean a lot of hours alone at home. I couldn’t even consider having a dog before I started working remotely. A bonus is that I can always take a quick break to hug her for a few moments, which does wonders for my mental health.”

Belinda Rawlings – Senior People Partner, UK, at Form3

Pet name: Leo

“Leo is not the most motivating co-worker (he mainly sleeps while I'm working), but he does check in on me throughout the day, even if it’s just for cuddles. Having the freedom to work from home and be able to flex my working hours around my personal life means that, if I want to, I can take him out for a long walk during lunchtime, soak in some rays and free some much-needed headspace, so that I can get back to work feeling refreshed. 

It also means I don't have to feel guilty for leaving him alone at home or rushing back from the office to make sure he gets a walk. Looking for a dog sitter in London is challenging; I found it more challenging than sorting childcare for my son. With remote work, the line between work and free time can sometimes get a little blurry; walking Leo at the beginning and end of my work day helps me to find that balance. He may not be the most productive co-worker, but he certainly is the cutest.”

Sophie Prime – People Team Apprentice, UK, at Form3

Pet name: Nala

“With the workplace flexibility that Form3 provides, it allows me to be able to look after Nala and walk her during the day. She seems so much happier now that I am around all the time. It's really helped my mental health to be able to go for nice walks during my lunch breaks; it helps to clear my head and gives me a break from the laptop. The rest of the time, she loves sitting on my table next to me whilst I work.”

Kevin Crawford – Senior People Partner, UK, at Form3

Pet name: Miles and Missy

“They would prefer if I never left the house, so my work schedule suits them perfectly. They  get all the stimulation and attention they need during the day, which means they have a great routine and sleep all night. Bring on summer when we can all soak up the sunshine in the garden together.”

Clara Diaz - People Partner, Spain, at Form3

Pet name: Holie

“Holie enjoys sunny Spring walks and sitting close to me during my lunch break in case any food accidentally drops. I love that I can go and say hi to her during the day, thanks to the flexibility I have at Form3. She will usually be napping or relaxing on her designated dog bed, but it’s so nice to see what she is up to during the day; it’s a one-of-a-kind break from your screen.”

“At Form3, we are 100% remote and fully flexible - we all live different lives and enjoy various working environments. For some of us, this means we have atypical co-workers: dogs, cats, horses, and even lizards form part of our unofficial ‘pet department.”