International Women's Day And Flexible Working

8th Mar 2023

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on March 8th. It recognises the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. Whilst is a time to celebrate women's contributions to society and raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

Workplace flexibility and gender equality

International Women's Day highlights issues around gender equality in the workplace, including the need for greater flexibility through offering different flexible working options, such as working from home, working part-time, or having flexible hours.

Flexible working arrangements are especially important for women when it comes to balancing work and family responsibilities. 74% of women are the main caregiver for children compared with just 26% of men. Women are also more like to provide caring responsibilities for elderly relatives or family members with disabilities. Having flexible working arrangements can help women to balance their work and caregiving responsibilities whilst being able to remain in the workforce and progress within their careers. 

Since the pandemic, there has been more recognition placed on the importance of flexible working arrangements; many companies and organisations have implemented policies to support them. 

Workplace flexibility is still difficult to come by on general platforms like Indeed. However, on Flexa, you can now browse flexible companies and jobs all in one place. Before applying to a company, you can see the flexible working arrangements and benefits on offer, as opposed to getting to the interview stage or, even worse, being hired for a job and later finding out the employer is not as flexible as was implied at the interview stage. 

Ways to promote gender equality in the workplace

Gender equality in the workplace requires a sustained effort to ensure a fair and inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of gender. Here are some ways to promote gender equality at work.

Implement flexible work arrangements

Offer flexible work arrangements and benefits, including parental leave, to support employees' work-life balance.

Provide equal opportunities

Ensure all employees have equal access to job opportunities, promotions, and training programs.

Promote pay equity

Ensure all employees are paid fairly, regardless of gender, carrying out regular salary reviews to identify and address any pay gaps.

Create a supportive work environment

Build a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. Encourage open communication, providing opportunities for feedback and suggestions.

Offer education and training

Provide education and training to help employees understand and address issues related to gender bias, harassment, and discrimination.

Encourage female leadership 

Encourage and support female employees to pursue leadership roles. Offering mentoring and coaching opportunities to help support and develop their skills.

Carry our regular assessments

Ensure workplace policies and practices are reviewed to identify any areas where gender bias or discrimination might be present, taking the necessary steps to address these.
By taking these steps, you can help to create a workplace environment that is inclusive and supportive for all employees.

Flexible companies celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s great to see so many companies commemorating International Women’s Day, helping to support change in the workplace. Let’s hear from Boxxe, one of our incredible Flexified companies, to find out how they will celebrate.

“We are inviting ‘boxxers’ and engaging them to become part of the IWD initiative on our platform, Alaya

We have activated themed challenges which include:

  • Watch movies, read books, or listen to podcasts made by women
  • Share the story of a woman (history or present) you admire
  • Test your ability to identify gender bias and women’s history knowledge
  • Follow five female-empowering social media accounts

There’s also an interactive webinar event on 8th March, where we will hear from non-profits working to empower women. Here’s the agenda:

1 - Learn more about gender in the workplace and what’s standing in the way of equity.

2 - Get to know non-profits working to empower girls and women in their career path.

3 - Get involved! Participate in a short virtual volunteering session in virtual breakout rooms”
More and more companies have begun to recognise the benefits of flexible working, not just for employee happiness and morale but also for productivity and company growth. Alongside this, flexible working helps to bridge the gap and promote gender equality in the workplace.